Events Calendar in Malaga: August 2014

Mercado Medieval
August on the Costa del Sol means summer in full swing; check out the activities in the municipalities, there is plenty of music, medieval markets, the famous fair in Malaga and much more…. continue reading →

Hot…! Summer Driving Tips…

If you have clicked on our blog because the picture has drawn more your attention than the title, keep reading on summer distractions, the use of flip-flops and other practical tips for driving at high temperatures on the Costa del Sol.continue reading →

History of Malaga Airport (II): Present and Future

Malaga Airport T3 Departures
In the previous post we saw how in just 50 years, a plain known as “El Rompedizo” became an airfield, an airbase and finally an international airport…. continue reading →

Game of Thrones in Andalucia: Summer is Coming

Game of Thrones in Andalucia
All indications are that the fifth season of Game of Thrones will be filmed at least partly in Andalusian territory. It has become the most popular series in recent years, in fact, has “dethroned” The Sopranos, as the most watched series on HBO…. continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: July 2014

In July on the Costa del Sol summer is in full swing; the month is mainly characterized by enjoying typical summer activities outdoors; July regarding activities is especially the month of concerts and festivals, but there are other popular activities such as processions of the Virgen del Carmen along the coastline. Enjoy the offer and the long summer nights, here we go with our Events Calendar in Malaga:… continue reading →

History of Malaga airport (I): The Beginning

Malaga Airport (1943)
Did you know that Malaga Airport is the oldest airport in Spain? If you have been to Malaga in the past few years, you’ve seen that it is gaining a considerable size; although yet it’s not comparable to the airports of the European capitals it’s nevertheless a stunning transformation…. continue reading →

Changes in Spanish Traffic Law

130 km/h
The new regulation of traffic that will take effect in a few days is causing a stir among those interested in hiring a car in Malaga. To avoid confusion and possible fines, we provide this summary of the salient points of the new rules:… continue reading →

Car Hire in Malaga with MiFi

Complement your holiday by adding a MIFI device to your car hire in Malaga, but… what is MiFi?… continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: June 2014

san juan
For June we have compiled a wide range of activities for all tastes. Check out our Events calendar Malaga June 2014 to see if there is something you like!… continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: May 2014

Feria de los pueblos
In this new section you find a selection of the most interesting events in the province of Malaga to take place during the month of May. We recommend taking a look at the list below, whether you need ideas for your next vacation or you have some days off without any particular plan:… continue reading →