Southern Access to Malaga Airport

This week we posted a brief entry on Facebook to inform our customers of the full opening of the Southern Access to Malaga airport. The responses were immediate and we take the opportunity to clarify the advantages of these new infrastructures, focused on the needs of our customers, when returning your vehicle…. continue reading → New Fleet Spring 2014
Our new fleet just arrived on time for the start of spring!
As our regular customers already know, at we have an on-going commitment to provide high quality both in service and vehicles. Therefore, we constantly renew our extensive fleet…. continue reading →

Don’t miss Semana Santa in Malaga

The Semana Santa in Malaga – or Holy Week – is definitely the highlight of the year. This week is the week leading up to Easter and is treated with the utmost respect. It’s also a week of cities and towns filling up with crowds to watch the processions.

In 2014 it starts on… continue reading →

Take full advantage of your Client Menu!

Customer Panel
All our clients receive with their first booking a customer number that gives you access to a reduced price for your next bookings.

We have expanded the options in our client menu, so that you yourself can more easily manage some transactions like modify your personal details, change the password and cancel your reservation, for which previously had to send an email. Making things even easier!… continue reading →

The 5 Most Impressive Views Of Malaga

No wonder that tourism in Malaga has grown so much, even in the winter months, as the province of Malaga hosts some of the most beautiful landscapes of Spain. Here you can see a list of which – in our opinion – are the 5 best views of Malaga:… continue reading →

The New Look of Malaga City

If your last visit to Malaga city dates from 5 years ago, you are in for a surprise. If it dates from 10 years ago or longer, it will even be a big surprise. A psalm of hammering, drilling and painting has been heard for years, and Malaga arose like a whole new city.

Do you remember the time, when you arrived at a small airport? Driving into Malaga was a chaotic affair? The whole of the Costa del Sol was touristy, except for Malaga city?… continue reading →

Enjoy Early Bird Discounts at

For many of our customers in the northern hemisphere now begin the most difficult weeks: There is still a lot to go to the end of winter meanwhile increases the yearning for sun and heat. Although we here at don´t have a time machine to advance the spring, we can open a window in time with seductive views of your next vacation! … continue reading →

Is Driving in Malaga Difficult? Safety Tips for Your Next Road Trip

“Is it dangerous to drive in Malaga?” “Are the roads very different from home?” “What is the local driving style?” Safety is always the first worry of a tourist who intends on renting a car in a foreign country. So let us immediately get to the point:… continue reading →

Luxury Car Hire with

BMW 5 series interior
Here at we don’t just hire standard small cars and family vehicles. We also have a fabulous fleet of luxury hire cars available for when you simply have to travel in style.

We have an enviable reputation in the industry for having the best priced hire cars at Malaga airport, while offering the very best in service. We’re proud of this reputation, and every year we do our best to ensure our prices are the best around to suit a range of budgets – from economy to absolute luxury…. continue reading →

More fuel efficient motoring tips

Pushing a car
As the cost of fuel has increased, more and more drivers are looking at ways of cutting the costs of their everyday motoring – even with their holiday hire car. In a recent post, we looked at ways you can increase your fuel efficiency by making small changes to your driving style. Here we explore a few other ways you can keep fuel costs down by making your car a little more efficient…. continue reading →