Events Calendar in Malaga: February 2016

One of the many advantages of the province of Malaga is that even in “winter” there are a lot of activities that can be enjoyed outdoors…. continue reading →

7 Michelin Star Restaurants in Malaga

estrellas michelin Malaga
Feel like dining with stars?

Here you have a quick guide to the 7 Michelin Star Restaurants in Malaga province. Stick with these names  if you want to dine heavenly throughout the year!… continue reading →

Christmas shopping in a sea of Christmas lights in Malaga

Christmas lights in Malaga 2015
About two and a half hours flying time from most European cities, Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol, casts a very special charm in the Advent season and features its christmas lighting…. continue reading →

Pedestrianization of the main Avenue in Torremolinos


If you come to Malaga by the beginning of December and are used to driving around Torremolinos city centre you might want to check out this map as the traffic will be completely relocated in this new project where Plaza Costa del Sol will be converted into a pedestrian zone…. continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: December 2015

puesto navideño
In Nordic countries traditionally December is the month of Christmas markets, a beautiful tradition that increasingly extends along the municipalities of the Costa del Sol.

Furthermore, as observers on site we can highlight the significant improvement therein, as every year we can see more wooden stalls and an increase in the quality of products offered, which together with the mild temperatures and the splendid Christmas lights invite you to take a walk through the streets of the centres of the municipalities and taste roasted chestnuts, hot chocolate with Churros and Buñuelos, a classic in the Spanish pastries. invites you to stroll and enjoy Christmas in Malaga, you’ll love it!continue reading →

Stories for sleepless nights: Reasons for not hiring with a Broker

middle-manWhat we are going to narrate would be a great a story for sleepless nights that fits very well to these dates close to Halloween; unfortunately, everything we comment really happened on October 30 in the vicinity of Malaga airport.

We have your attention? Not surprisingly!continue reading →

Special Edition Halloween in Malaga 2015

Edward Scissorhands at Pier One in Halloween 2014

Each year spreads more and more the Halloween Fever in Malaga – the locals grab any opportunity to celebrate! – and therefore each year there are more places that offer fun and terrifying activities.

If you are in the province and you want to participate but you don´t know where to go or what to wear, here’s a quick guide to events and shops where you can buy a creepy costume.
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Events Calendar in Malaga: November 2015

November in Malaga – far from being dull and dreary – comes in the first half with Film and Music Festivals, while towards the end of the month we can start to enjoy some of the most spectacular Christmas lights on the Costa del Sol in Malaga city and Fuengirola…. continue reading →

Traffic Fines in Malaga

radar de tramo
Here we offer a small reminder of fines on Spanish roads, in addition to the obvious: Not breaking the law comes cheaper!

What if you have violated any restrictions with your rental car in Malaga? Do you have to pay a fine? And how is the process if you live abroad?… continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: October 2015

feria Rosario FuengirolaThe lovely month of October presents in Malaga not only excellent temperatures but also various activities such as traditional fairs and festivals, International Hiking celebrations and the particular celebration of Halloween in Andalusian style…. continue reading →