Your favourite MalagaCar this August


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Events Calendar in Malaga: August 2016

Check out the activities in August, there is a lot of music, the famous Fair in Malaga and more…. continue reading →

Malaga Fair 2016

Malaga Fair from August 13 to 20

feria malagaThe Malaga Fair is one of the most lively and popular fairs in Spain and attracts each year a large number of local and foreign visitors who enjoy lots of music, dancing and the typical Cartojal wine – well chilled to combat the high temperatures. The fair takes place during the day in the streets of the historic centre and then moves at night to the fairgrounds where people keep celebrating until dawn.

Fireworks at midnight of August 12th mark the beginning of the Malaga Fair which during the day is celebrated in the historic centre and in the evening and night at the fairgrounds Cortijo de Torres. The fairgrounds are also the stage of the traditional horse exhibitions…. continue reading →

Refreshing sleep in Malaga´s tropical nights

There are nights in Malaga which are above and beyond “Tropical Nights” and are more infernal with values of 27 or 28 degrees which make it absolutely impossible falling asleep…. continue reading →

Wave of Melillero – A strange local phenomenon of Malaga


During the summer days you can observe in Malaga a phenomenon that is always repeated at the same time.

A small “tsunami” suddenly invades the beaches of Malaga and catches by surprise those bathers unaware of this phenomenon who are lying at first beach line just a few meters from the sea.

What is this strange phenomenon that has drenched more than one and has occasionally taken mobile devices and other prized possessions?… continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: July 2016

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Malaga Airport Arrivals in High Season

For this summer 2016 is expected an increase of 15% of flights at Malaga airport compared to last year’s peak season. That is, there are expected a couple of fairly busy months in these facilities on the Costa del Sol which are the main gateway for all tourists visiting Andalusia.

If you plan to take a flight to Malaga during the high season, you have good weather guaranteed with long sunny days and clear skies to enjoy a perfect day on the beach.
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SUV hire at Malaga Airport

Alquiler de SUV en Malaga
The SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) are trendy. And no wonder, as these great ones on the road have both the technology and performance of a sports car, as well as the space and comfort of a family vehicle.

In recent months we have been collecting opinions and suggestions of our customers in order to offer the most popular SUVs. Below you will find the list of SUVs available this year at… continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: June 2016

Summer has arrived in Malaga! Enjoy a large number of events, concerts and Open Air Events. Find out more in our events calendar…. continue reading →

7 Michelin Star Restaurants in Malaga

estrellas michelin Malaga
Feel like dining with stars?

Here you have a quick guide to the 7 Michelin Star Restaurants in Malaga province. Stick with these names  if you want to dine heavenly throughout the year!… continue reading →