Events Calendar in Malaga: May 2016

Cruces Frigiliana
May is the month of spring par excellence with many typical celebrations of these dates and the first major events with summer just around the corner.

May begins with the traditional Fiesta de las Cruces. This ancient tradition in Andalusia is to cover a cross with flowers and hold a celebration around it. It is celebrated in many places but we want to make special mention of two:… continue reading → – 5 Star Car Hire in Malaga BMW

Year after year differs from other companies in the sector by the quality of its cars, customer service and competitive prices. This is well-known by our most loyal customers; proof of this is the high number of positive feedback we received on review sites and social networks:… continue reading →

3 Reasons to Hire a Convertible in Malaga

After the time change the Costa del Sol offers again long afternoons with temperatures around 25º C. Gradually the Beach Bars and terraces of bars and restaurants are filled with tourists and locals who liven up with the good weather. This also shows in the boardwalks and beaches of the coast of Malaga, where some brave have already enjoyed the first dip of the year.

If you plan to travel to Malaga shortly, there’s no better way to explore the Mediterranean coast than in a convertible car. Here are three compelling reasons:… continue reading →

Luxury Car Rental in Malaga – Fleet Renewal 2016

nueva flota
Another year it’s time to dispose of the old cars and renew our fleet with the latest models on the market. This time we have prepared an elegant selection of luxury car hire in Malaga. Last week we were putting on license plates. Do you want to know more about the latest acquisitions?… continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: Abril 2016

Spring has arrived in Malaga with many activities along with one of the most popular Fairs and the opening of the best beach clubs. … continue reading →

Easter Week Malaga 2016

Semana santa 2016
Interesting information about all the processions and their schedules through the city centre, as well as our recommendations…. continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: March 2016

March in Malaga this year is characterized primarily by a major event in the calendar, Easter. This celebration of Christian origin each year attracts thousands of visitors and followers and is lived with great fervour even in the smallest villages.

Along with this Christian celebration, Easter is usually also the moment for the season opening in Beach clubs and Beach bars and Malaga receives its first big avalanche of visitors longing for sun and good weather after a long winter in the northern hemisphere.

For Easter in Malaga 2016 we will prepare a special edition…. continue reading →

Valentine, Valentine! Romantic getaway to Malaga

Surely these days you’re reading it over and over again. Valentine´s Day and romantic getaways…. continue reading →

Events Calendar in Malaga: February 2016

One of the many advantages of the province of Malaga is that even in “winter” there are a lot of activities that can be enjoyed outdoors…. continue reading →

7 Michelin Star Restaurants in Malaga

estrellas michelin Malaga
Feel like dining with stars?

Here you have a quick guide to the 7 Michelin Star Restaurants in Malaga province. Stick with these names  if you want to dine heavenly throughout the year!… continue reading →