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7 good reasons to choose Malaga as holiday destination

Pulsating, hot, exciting. Historical monuments and warm, friendly people; a modern tourism infrastructure meets traditional Spanish way of life, a charming old town and kilometers of sandy beaches. This is Malaga and below are some reasons for visiting the Costa del Sol. Continue reading

Holiday on the Costa del Sol: Do I need to hire a car in Malaga?

Depending on the location of our hotel or apartment, public service may be close or not. For example if we choose a hotel in Marbella or a relaxing stay in any of the many interior white villages, getting to the city centre may be quite difficult and could take a few hours. If we choose car hire Malaga, the distances whilst moving through the province are a lot shorter and much more comfort than using two buses; and not to mention, cheaper than using a daily taxi. Continue reading

Summer holidays in Malaga, a destination to discover

When the moment comes to enjoy the holidays many tourists usually opt for some of the destinations in the south of Spain. Malaga is a destination well worth not only during the summer, thanks to the fact that it is a city with good temperatures, beautiful beaches and it is also a destination where you can enjoy great food, another of the many attractions. Continue reading

Malaga, more culture than sun

If we think about Malaga, what comes to our mind? Beach, sun, relaxation, beach bars, fried fish, great nightlife in Malaga

But there’s far more to discover. Continue reading

A visit to Malaga during your holidays

Malaga, the city founded in ancient times by the Phoenicians, is situated at the shores of the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Bathed by intense Andalusian sun this city has a special grace and charm. Continue reading

The best beaches in Malaga

The best beaches in Malaga: indeed the mere mention of his name evokes the beauty of Malaga beaches, bright sunshine of a nearly never ending summer with plentiful time to relax and enjoy: Malaga has as many beaches as you have enthusiasm to enjoy, and vacation days are full of animation along the sea promenades; you can stroll the nearby surroundings, sample Malaga´s delicious Andalusian cuisine, dance away the summer night, in one word – summer is just waiting for you! Continue reading

Malaga and Costa del Sol nightlife

Malagacar.com presents you this review about the nightlife in Malaga and the Costa del Sol. Malaga, with its mild and pleasant sea climate along with almost tropical sun that shines here 320 days a year, the Costa del Sol in Andalusia, the “Land of Light”, is one of the most popular holiday regions of Spain. Continue reading to know a little more about the secrets of the night in Malaga. Continue reading

Summer holidays: Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Malaga holidaysThe sunny Andalucia with its magnificent beaches, but also rugged mountains and wide plains is still in the minds of most tourists as the characteristic Spain. The city of Malaga is the capital of the province of Malaga, has about 550,000 inhabitants and is situated on the Costa de Sol (Sun Coast). The city of Malaga, the monuments, the sea, the coast, the environment, the people and the Spanish way of life characterize this place and make it a tourist attraction for many international visitors Continue reading

Malaga, Costa del Sol: culture and leisure in one

Marbella in Malaga Due to the mild climate and a pleasant mix of culture, nature and leisure at the same time, more and more tourists discover Malaga as an attractive holiday destination only a few hours away. What makes Malaga so special? Continue reading

Get the most out of the Costa del Sol: Take advantage of Easter, Royal wedding and May Day bank holiday

Who takes off the three days (26th to 28th April) between the Easter bank holiday weekend (22nd to 25th April) and the Royal wedding weekend (29th April to 2nd May) will have plenty of time to enjoy Easter holidays in Malaga this year. Furthermore, the weather is already great! Continue reading