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  Picasso's City

Malaga Monuments

1.- Plaza de la Merced - Birthplace.
2.- Plaza de la Merced - He lived there.
3.- Parish Church of Santiago. It was baptized.
4.- Plaza de la Merced. His first draws.
5.- Plaza del Teatro. His first photograph.
6.- Comedias St. He studied there.
7.- Madre de Dios St. His sister's school.
8.- Plaza de Toros. His fondness.
9.- Compañía St. His father teached there.
10.- San Agustín St. His father's shop.
11.- Marqués de Valdecañas. His startings as painter.
12.- Gaona St. He studied there. 13.- Marín García St. He lived there when he was young.
14.- Hinestrosa St. Picasso's family's house.
15.- Ancha del Carmen. Picasso's family's house.
16.- Barrio del Perchel (Perchel Quarter).

1.- Roman Theatre- Alcazaba.
2.- Gibralfaro Castle.
3.- Cathedral.
4.- English Cementery.
5.- San Agustín St.
6.- Atarazanas Market.
7.- Bullring.
8.- Reding Walk.
9.- Casita del Jardinero (Little house of the gardener).
10.- Aduana Palace.
11.- Casa del Guardia.
12.- Marqués de Larios St.
13.- General Torrijos Square.
14.- Victoria Sanctuary.
15.- Santiago Church.
16.- La Farola.
17.- Carmen Baths.
18.- Los Alemanes Bridge.
19.- San Felipe Neri Bridge.
20.- Miramar Palace.

21.- Episcopal Palace.
22.- Picasso's natal house.
23.- Museum Popular Arts.
24.- Museum Sacred Art.
25.- Town Hall.
26.- Municipal Museum.
27.- Picasso's Museum.
28.- Municipal Files.
29.- Sala Alameda.
30.- Cervantes Theatre.
31.- Center of Contemporary Art.
32.- Cristo de la Salud Church.
33.- Parador de San Rafael.

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