3 Reasons to Hire a Convertible in Malaga

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After the time change the Costa del Sol offers again long afternoons with temperatures around 25º C. Gradually the Beach Bars and terraces of bars and restaurants are filled with tourists and locals who liven up with the good weather. This also shows in the boardwalks and beaches of the coast of Malaga, where some brave have already enjoyed the first dip of the year.

If you plan to travel to Malaga shortly, there’s no better way to explore the Mediterranean coast than in a convertible car. Here are three compelling reasons:

1.- Driving is much more fun

It´s not the same driving a small or family car to take you to locations or renting a convertible in Malaga. The sense of freedom that gives you the sound of wind when not being enclosed will make you want to bring your convertible even to buy gum at the corner kiosk.

2.- Ideal for photography lovers

Are you passionate about photography? You need a convertible. While your partner or friend drives you can take plenty of pictures and videos of Andalusia, whose roads offer some of the most breath-taking views of Spain. Also, by not having bodywork elements that reduce your visibility, you can make incredible panoramic pics and even 360º videos.

3.- You’ll feel like a star

No matter the type of convertible: new, old, long, small; as one passes by, no one can resist watching it with a face of “someday I’ll have a convertible.” If you want to take it to another level, take a tour of Puerto Banus, probably you´ll show up in the Facebook wall of some tourists.

You still have doubts? Check out the new models we offer at MalagaCar.com and choose the one you like most:

As a reminder, a few weeks ago we also renewed our luxury cars

If you’ve already booked yours, enjoy! But please don’t do as Mr. Bean…

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