How accurate is the average consumption indicated by the on-board computer?

As we have just received a comment from a customer about his experience with the on-board computer of a Seat Leon, we take this opportunity to talk about this topic: How accurate is the average consumption of the on-board computer of my car?

Is it true that on-board computers are imprecise in instant consumption, average consumption or autonomy we have left?

Today, technology is often very present in cars; it basically has two functions: Improve driving safety and driving ease. To that end, many cars equipped an on-board computer which reports a number of parameters.

indicador_combustibleRegarding the instantaneous consumption, this is a guideline that will give you a rough idea and serves to compare the car in different situations. So the indicator will give different values depending on whether you’re on the highway or city, in which gear you are, if you step on the throttle, if the engine is cold, the use of air conditioning or driving with the windows open for example.

The average consumption takes into account other factors, such as fuel left in the tank and the average speed recorded by the computer.

The fuel level indicator is showing you the relative amount of fuel remaining in the tank in relation to a full tank. This amount may also vary according to whether you drive through hills, curves, etc. So if you want to know the actual level of fuel in your car, better check while the vehicle is parked with the engine running.

Other interesting facts

During these days takes place the Frankfurt IAA, the 65th International Motor Show where you can see a clear trend called `Infotainment ‘which can be summarized in driving online: The computer reads the sms and you can give the answer to the microphone; the Navi-App seeks alternative route to avoid traffic jams; who still got stuck in traffic, can directly tweet their status or post it on Facebook. Or you can entertain yourself with an audio podcast. Or even watch a movie. According to experts, Infotainment will soon become the norm.

smartphone on wheels
smartphone on wheels

All manufacturers are working to integrate the smartphone in the car – so to speak, the “smartphone on wheels”. Convenient, but dangerous, experts warn. This was confirmed by a field study that says traffic safety is at risk if the driver´s attention is on pressing buttons and moving the hand on the screen. At the end of the day, 20 percent of fatal accidents are due to distracted drivers.

What do you think of this technological revolution applied to driving? Do you think it necessary, or just another whim?