Arrivals at Malaga Airport in August

Nearly 2,000 flights and 316,000 passengers during the first days of August at Malaga airport have made a strong start to the month being last weekend the busiest of the entire year.

Malaga Airport remains the main gateway for all tourists visiting Andalusia with an increase of 5% of visitors compared to last year.

If you are one of those planning to take a flight to Malaga during the month of August, we can anticipate you good weather and clear skies, perfect for a relaxing walk by the sea at sunset or a good beach day.

First time renting a car at Malaga airport?

Leaving the Terminal 3 you are passing through the arrivals hall where one of our employees will be waiting to indicate the way to the minibus.

Outside the Arrivals hall is situated the square where is located the typical Gambrinus brewery, turn right and after less than 100 meters you will reach the minibus stop:



The minibus will take you to our offices in 2 minutes:


 Bringing back the car to and return to the airport

We are sure that many of you already know the simple process to return the car and how to get there; for those who rent their car for the first time we show you a video where you can see how to get back to our facilities.

We’ll bring you back to the airport’s departure terminal; it is a quick and simple process.


For more information, please visit our section on Malaga airport following the link, you can also check our prices for car hire at Malaga airport.

If it´s not the first visit, we are happy to see you again!

We hope you enjoy your well-deserved holiday in Malaga and your rental car!