Car Hire from Malaga Airport, The Need for Speed

When seeking car hire from Malaga Airport when you land here on holiday or for business, it is important that you understand the need for speed. Malaga is a very busy airport during the holiday season which starts about now – just after Easter and then intensifies as we go into June, July and finally August when the whole of Britain and the rest of Europe seem to be on vacation.

The one thing you must keep in mind when thinking about hiring a car in Spain while you are on holiday in Malaga is that cars aren’t unlimited and the whole of western Europe seems to close in August – all heading for destinations such as the Riviera and the Costa del Sol, of which Malaga is about as central as you can be.

Car hire from Malaga airport is easy to get during the autumn and winter, but come spring and summer it’s take it or leave it, unless you have booked in advance – particularly if you want a specific choice of vehicle. Here at Malaga Car we have expanded our fleet, we offer brand new cars, minivans, sports vehicles and 9-seater minibuses for large families and their luggage. It’s not just about packing 5 or 6 into a large saloon, it’s also taking the luggage, and unless you want to drive from the airport with everybody packed in with most of the luggage on your knees, then our recommendation is to book well in advance.

It’s not difficult to book your car hire from Malaga Airport – use our online quote or just pick up the phone and dial +32 952 176 225 and let us know your needs and your car will be waiting for you when you arrive.  Our UK number is 0871 2844700 or email us on info at You can book your choice of car as far in advance as you want, so that once you land at Malaga airport you can watch all these people rushing to queue up at the car hire desks, making do with whatever they have left, while you meet your Malaga Car representative who will escort you and your luggage to your vehicle.

We can offer any type of car that suits you:  a standard 4-door or 5-door saloon, 2-door coupé, sports convertible, luxury Mercedes or BMW or even a minivan or minibus. Some couples love to drive a Mini Cooper, while many Americans like to try driving a stick shift while the British love to try the simplicity of an automatic.

Whatever you want, will have your Malaga airport car hire ready for you when you arrive. Forget the queues and no worries about the guy in front getting the last 9-seater minibus for your crowd. Remember that summer is coming and book now for your vacation to Malaga, where you can also visit Torremolinos, Marbella, Nerja and the Guadalhorce valley and its wonderful villages, tapas bars and traditional restaurants if you have the wheels to suit you.