Car Hire in Malaga with MiFi


UPDATE 01/2017: Unfortunately, MiFi devices are no longer provided.

Complement your holiday by adding a MiFi device to your car hire in Malaga, but…

What is MiFi?

MiFi (also known as mobile WiFi) is a small device that acts as a router, like the one you have probably at home, allowing connection of multiple devices over WiFi, including phones, tablets, cameras, etc. The MiFi in turn connects to the 3G/4G network (depending on coverage) using a small USB modem.

What are the advantages of using MiFi?

One of the main advantages is that you don´t need to hire roaming for your trip abroad. The current roaming rates applied in most countries are abusive, charging up to more than 3 euros per downloaded MB (1 MB is consumed in just a few seconds of online video). Saving is definitely one of the advantages.

Another advantage is the versatility when traveling. Are you lost and haven´t booked a GPS? No problem, park in a safe well-lit place and get the necessary information using your phone. Are you looking for a good restaurant? Same solution, make a short stop and seek recommendations on TripAdvisor or chat with people who have visited the area recently.

It also provides you with a secure internet connection which you only share with those you choose. So you won´t need to connect to unsafe WiFi networks, as you can find in malls, bars, hotels and other public facilities.

How to use it?

It’s simple, we deliver it fully configured; you only have to enter the password which we will facilitate in your mobile devices in order to connect permanently.

How do I book it?

Just select it in the online booking form. The MiFi router has an additional cost of 3 € / day. If you already have a confirmation but want to add a MiFi, don´t worry, let us know when you come to our office and our team will assign you one instantly.

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