Car Hire in Malaga with MiFi


UPDATE 01/2017: Unfortunately, MiFi devices are no longer provided.

Complement your holiday by adding a MiFi device to your car hire in Malaga, but…

What is MiFi?

MiFi (also known as mobile WiFi) is a small device that acts as a router, like the one you have probably at home, allowing connection of multiple devices over WiFi, including phones, tablets, cameras, etc. The MiFi in turn connects to the 3G/4G network (depending on coverage) using a small USB modem.

What are the advantages of using MiFi?

One of the main advantages is that you don´t need to hire roaming for your trip abroad. The current roaming rates applied in most countries are abusive, charging up to more than 3 euros per downloaded MB (1 MB is consumed in just a few seconds of online video). Saving is definitely one of the advantages.

Another advantage is the versatility when traveling. Are you lost and haven´t booked a GPS? No problem, park in a safe well-lit place and get the necessary information using your phone. Are you looking for a good restaurant? Same solution, make a short stop and seek recommendations on TripAdvisor or chat with people who have visited the area recently.

It also provides you with a secure internet connection which you only share with those you choose. So you won´t need to connect to unsafe WiFi networks, as you can find in malls, bars, hotels and other public facilities.

How to use it?

It’s simple, we deliver it fully configured; you only have to enter the password which we will facilitate in your mobile devices in order to connect permanently.

How do I book it?

Just select it in the online booking form. The MiFi router has an additional cost of 3 € / day. If you already have a confirmation but want to add a MiFi, don´t worry, let us know when you come to our office and our team will assign you one instantly.

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34 Responses to Car Hire in Malaga with MiFi

  1. Finn Stepputat says:

    We are in La Caleta (close to Salobrena) and often the device does not work. It needs charging for a very long time (10 hours) in the morning and only starts to work in the late afternoon. It only seems to work once it is fully charged. At least that is our impression. During the day it does not work. Could you explain this to us?

  2. chris says:

    Does data run out or just get slowed down when you exceed your limit? What is the exact limit per day or per week? Can you monitor how much data is remaining? (I’m trying to make sure my satvnav doesn’t stop working and i get lost)

    • Hello Chris!
      The MiFis provided have 1GB at full speed, from there they are slowed down to 128kbps, so it’s only recommended for web navigation, social networking, emails and WhatsApp (not suitable for videos neither downloads). Nevertheless if you should need more GB, you´d only have to call our office and you get the MIFI recharged with another GB.
      Kind regards!

  3. Timothy Hill says:

    My wife and I will be staying at Los Romanes, in the hills overlooking Lake Vinuela. Does your MIFI have coverage at this location? I don’t want to rent one if I won’t have coverage where I’m staying. Gracias.

    • Hello Timothy!
      We just checked the coverage in the area of Viñuela and its generally of only 3G in the village of Los Romanes itself, but there is low or no coverage in the outskirts of the village; so it depends where you are staying (in a private home outskirts you might have no coverage)
      Kind regards!

  4. Yvonne says:

    Hello, what sort of charger would I need or do you supply one? Thank you

  5. Julian Powell says:


    can the MiFi connect directly to a net book / laptop?

    for general surfing and making bookings on line

    • Hi Julian, actually you won’t need to connect it to your laptop/netbook (unless it runs out of battery). It works as a WiFi LAN, you can connect all your devices via wifi (no need to be attached).

  6. Darn says:

    How many gb do I get using the mifi

  7. Marcella Hamrogue says:

    Would i be able to watch some UK TV on my I pad with this device

  8. Andrew Cruickshank says:

    What is the data allowance on these devices? Are they unlimited – subject to normal fair use policies etc, or are they limited to x mb per day? Thanks.

    • Hi Andrew, the MiFis provided have 1GB at full speed, from there they are slowed down to 128kbps, so it’s only recommended for web navigation, social networking, emails and WhatsApp (not suitable for videos neither downloads).


    • Andrew Cruickshank says:

      Great, so upon collection of the device is the device reset to 1gb. I ask to make sure that if I did rent one I wouldn’t receive a device that had been used by a previous customer who had used all the 1gb up, therefore it would be on the slower bandwidth of 128mbps? Thanks!

    • Hi Andrew,
      Unfortunately they are based on monthly subscriptions (1 GB per month), but we can check the amount of data available, so you won’t get a slowed down MiFi.

  9. Keith Mansfield says:

    How good is the coverage,and would it cover Gibraltar

    • Hi Keith,

      Our provider is Vodafone, they offer a really good coverage in Spain, but sometimes may lose connection on remote inland towns. They are only valid in Spain, so they won’t work in Portugal and Gibraltar.


  10. Carole says:

    We have our own MiFi, is it possible to purchase the sim card only from you?
    If not, please can you advise what size the sim cards are that you supply with your MiFi’s i.e. 1Gb or 3Gb?

    • Hello Carole,

      Sorry, we cannot rent a sim card without the MiFi device. The MiFis provided have 1GB at full speed, from there they are slowed down to 128kbps.


  11. karen duncan says:

    Hi, how many devices can be paired to the MiFi device? I will be travelling in a large family group this year and no doubt everyone will want to add their phones and iPads etc.

  12. graham Amos says:

    Do you have to pay the €3 for days that you don’t use the device ?

    • Hi Graham,

      Sorry you will have to pay 3€ for each rental day (although you don’t use MiFi). On the other hand, MiFi has a maximum cost of 42€ per rental, so if you need it for 14 days or more you will only pay 42€.


  13. Laurie says:

    Hi there,
    Are there any hidden costs that my mobile phone provider will add on for using Mifi?

    • Hi Laurie, no, there aren’t.

      Your mobile devices can connect to the MiFi like you currently do with your home’s WiFi. As long as you connect through the MiFi, you won’t be wasting your monthly data.


  14. Amanda says:

    And also would I be able to access Facebook with it?

    • Hi, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, online newspapers… and almost any other web/app. But please avoid using it for videos or large downloads, Vodafone could slow down the mifi if they detect a high volume of data. Thank you!


  15. Amanda says:

    Hi is MiFi a portable device that I can take into my apartment?

  16. Steiner Hans says:

    Malagacar MiFi router, how many MB Downloads are included in the 3 Euro per day rental ?

    • Hello Hans. The MIFI are intended for the use of email, whatssapp and applications that do not catch a large bandwidth. Not valid for download or to watch videos or movies online. Kind regards

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