Car Hire Malaga rates can be excellent for your holidays

When seeking Costa del Sol car hire Malaga rates can be very inexpensive, particularly if you book your car in advance. There are many holiday resorts along this part of the Spanish coast, and Malaga is one of the most popular of these. That is largely because of its proximity to several other resorts such as Marbella, Torremolinos and Nerja, and also to its airport, which is a good place to pick up your vacation vehicle.

However, if you are getting here via Malaga Airport, car hire can be difficult without an advance booking, and here are just a few reasons why. Torremolinos is only 10 miles away, and offers some great roller coaster rides and also modern theme parks. You must also visit Marbella farther down the coast, but the countryside around Malaga and the Guadalhorce River valley are very beautiful and traditional, and not to be missed.  Quite frankly, without car hire Malaga could not possibly offer you all that this part of Spain is famous for.

However, when hiring a car in Malaga, make sure that you understand all the pitfalls and Spanish driving laws, because otherwise your visit to the Costa del Sol could be a very expensive one. Here are a few things to look out for.

Car hire Insurance

With respect to car hire Malaga is just the same as the rest of Spain in that third party and fire insurance are legal necessities, and premiums are generally included in your quoted car hire price. The third party cover is for an unlimited sum in Spain, covering liability for damage to persons or property external to the hired car. Injury and property loss to passengers of the hired car are not covered, bur can be added as an optional extra.

Other optional cover includes standard CDW (collision damage waiver), and protection against car theft.

Malaga car hire Fuel policy and tips
Make sure you understand whether your vehicle is petrol (gas) or diesel. Get it wrong and not only might you be stranded, but you will also be responsible for cleaning out the wrong fuel type. If you notice your mistake immediately, don’t try to start the car because you could damage the engine, adding to your uninsured costs. Let the service station know, and they will be able to get the tank drained before it is pumped through the system.

As with car hire anywhere else in the world, make sure that you understand the fuel policy: do you have to return the car with a full tank, or is that irrelevant? Fuel can be expensive if the hire company has to fill the tank, so make sure that you understand the situation. This can be costly if you get it wrong! Why fill a car with 70 Euro of fuel if you don’t have to do so.  In we do not charge the full fuel tank, but half tank fuel. Feel free to contact our customer support department to know more about our fuel policy in Malaga.

There is nothing special about Spanish gas or petrol stations – they are open 24/7 or for limited periods depending upon their location.

Car Hire – Malaga Parking Restrictions

When you pay for your car hire Malaga parking restrictions can be severe, so ask at the hire desk what these are.  You might be given a leaflet covering most of what you need to know. Off-street parking is the safest, since regulations covering street parking can be very strict. You must be sure to observe all parking signs – get a drivers’ phrase book if you are unsure – because you can receive on-the-spot fines and are liable to be clamped.

These are just a few of the things to look out for, and with respect to car hire Malaga is no different to any other Spanish town or city – it will be strict and the authorities will not be sympathetic if you break any traffic or parking laws and you will suffer monetary penalties. Nevertheless, it is better to hire a car than rely on public transport in this part of Spain.