Car hire Malaga Review: Renault Twizy are negotiating with several dealers to purchase a brand new fleet of electric cars with the aim to reduce their share of carbon footprint. These new modern, trendy and revolutionary cars will be added to’s existing range of eco-friendly cars to rent in Malaga.

Renault Twizy in
Renault Twizy in

The Renault Twizy is available in four different versions, each one with different features and different technical data.

It’s needless to say at this point, that all the variants of the Twizy base their propulsion on an electric engine. They all have exactly the same dimensions although the weight can vary a little depending on the chosen extra equipment.

All versions have a 3-meter charging cable integrated in a compartment at the front of the car, with a socket to plug into public charging points.

Renault Twizy’s generic technical data:

  • Doors: 2
  • 2 seater
  • Engine: 20cv
  • Max. power of the engine: 13kW
  • Autonomy: 100kms
  • Top speed: 83 km/h
  • Battery charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Dimensions: length / width / height: 2337mm/1191mm /1461mm
  • Weight in vacuo (on empty): 450kg
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If you are planning a visit to the Costa del Sol on your own, and you’re staying in a nice little hotel in the capital city centre of Malaga, then this is the ideal little car for you. It’s environmentally friendly, smooth, trendy and just think what you’ll be saving on petrol! So check out our competitive prices at cheap car hire Malaga airport and enjoy all the wonderful sightseeing that Malaga has to offer.