Overwhelmed by choice for your Holiday car rental?

Did you guess this shining gem is a Ford Fiesta?

How do you decide which car to choose for your holiday rental? Luggage space? Budget? Familiarity or do you look for fun and excitement? If you opt for a car you don’t drive at home, how will you know what it’s really like to drive along some of Spain’s most scenic (and busy) roads?

Here at Malagacar.com we have a friendly motoring expert who’s driven every car in our extensive fleet, from small, economy runabouts to the larger, luxury models – and his review can help guide you to your perfect holiday car rental.

This month, our expert reviews the Ford Fiesta 5 door:

First of all, let me explain that I’m used to driving much bigger cars than the Fiesta. I usually prefer a bigger engine with more power – especially when driving the more rural roads around Malaga. I’ve always seen smaller cars as being ‘city cars’ – easy to park, nippy and economical around town, and better suited to a one-child family.

That said, the Ford Fiesta 1250CC 5 door could be a mind-changer…. Yes, it’s easy to park. And yes, it’s nippy and economical when chauffeuring my better half between the shops on a Saturday. And yes, it would suit a one-child family… However, I have two children. The 7 year old on his booster seat, and the baby (with seat, buggy, bag and everything else that means it takes a week to leave the house) take the same space of three adults on the back seat. Yet surprisingly, all very comfortably. There was enough space between them to prevent Child 1 prodding Child 2 with his DS stylus, yet they were still close enough for Child 1 to be able to retrieve the Baby’s dummy every 5 minutes (as per the rules of Baby’s latest favourite pastime). In short, more room than I thought.. .

The boot will hold two decent sized suitcases (minus buggy and all other baby related luggage), so if we didn’t have said children with us, there’s be more than enough room for two adults on a two week holiday.

The Fiesta is surprisingly spritely for a smaller engine car. Obviously, it’s in its element running around busy coastal towns such as Torremolinos or sitting in rush hour traffic around Malaga, but it also more than holds its own when taken off the beaten track. I was pleasantly surprised with how it handles the long, slow incline of the A-356 heading to Lake Viñuela, and more than impressed with how it dealt with the sharp bends and tight turns of the A-402 towards Ventas de Zafarraya; I’d even go so far as to say it was a smoother ride than some larger engine motors.

Admittedly, it’s not a flash, sexy motor that’ll make you feel like a Rock Star. But it is a solid, strong little terrier of a car, that’s economical, reliable and a lot of fun to drive.