Car hire Malaga review: Chevrolet Cruze has introduced this year 2010 to its fleet the new Chevrolet Cruze for car hire Malaga.

Chevrolet Cruze

No doubt, many will be mesmerized to see the distinctive design elements from Chevrolet and its wraparound headlamps, coupe style and imposing front grille.

Chevrolet Cruze review

Chevrolet Cruze gives us a good interior space and a generous trunk. Also we will be surprised by the interior of the Cruze, as it has a significant increase in quality and also boasts a design so far not seen in Chevrolet models.

When sitting down we find a good driving position, with comfortable seatings that have good lateral support. Moreover we have the rear seats, which feature plenty of room for two passengers to travel very comfortably (even three comfortably); it has a good height for the head and enough foot space.

We can find details that are appreciated such as deposits spread around the cabin to store our belongings for our journey through Malaga.

Finally we have to talk about the boot, which has a capacity of 450 liters , a good sized boot that will allow us to make good use of it, as it also has a regular form. In general the interior is an important point of the Chevrolet Cruze, from space for the front seats to the rear seats or even the trunk.

Rent a Chevrolet in Malaga

Since a few months you can rent a Chevrolet Cruze at Malaga airport with Our clients ask and we listen, we hope you enjoy your visit to Malaga, and if you want to drive our new Chevrolet Cruze, do not hesitate to hire your car now just using your flight number so we can pick you up.

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