Now you can contact using WhatsApp

You quickly need to contact The use of smartphones has increased considerably in recent years, in fact, over 50% of users who own a mobile device usually use it to connect to the internet and purchase online.

This growth has prompted the development of new forms of communication, including mobile instant messaging, wherein are based popular applications like WhatsApp (with more than 1 billion messages per day), or LINE (the most downloaded application in recent months).


Typically, these applications are often free or available at a ridiculous price, which is amortized within days even by little use of the phone.

Since has clients from all over the world, and international calls are usually not cheap, we decided to offer support via WhatsApp (available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia).

You just have to add our emergency phone +34 600 523 523 to your contacts and you can immediately apply for assistance at no extra cost*.

* Except those costs associated to the data plan contracted with your phone company.