First time hiring with

Doing something for the first time always implies some sense of insecurity and more if you are looking for car hire Malaga airport services.

Our online booking system is very easy and transparent and our team is there to answer any questions concerning reservations.

Thus today we made a tour of our facilities with the camera so that can you can have a look them and when our minibus collects you at Malaga airport, you already know what awaits you!

Our office is located 2 minutes from Terminal 3 and we pick you up and bring you back in our fleet of Minibuses.


Here you can see some customers arriving and the driver helping with the suitcases.



This is part of our offices. Here our multilingual staff will attend to any inquiries and questions and where is filled out your contract, which takes about 5 to 8 minutes.



Then our staff accompanies you to the door of our car park to show you your car. There is nothing else to do, now start the holidays!



And finally when you return the car after your stay in Malaga, you take it to the entrance where we close the return. And immediately our minibus takes you back to the airport.

Easier impossible!

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