Holiday on the Costa del Sol: Do I need to hire a car in Malaga?

When coming to Malaga and the Costa del Sol we must bear in mind the distances and where our accommodation is. Depending on the location of our hotel or apartment, public service may be close or not. For example if we choose a hotel in Marbella or a relaxing stay in any of the many interior white villages, getting to the city centre may be quite difficult and could take a few hours. If we choose car hire Malaga, the distances whilst moving through the province are a lot shorter and much more comfort than using two buses; and not to mention, cheaper than using a daily taxi. Keep on reading to discover some of the Costa del Sol’s tourist offers, there is so much to see and not enough time…we help visitors getting the most of their visit.

The Costa del Sol in southern Spain is translated literally as the “Sunny Coast” because the climate offers 320 sunny days a year, so you can escape from the cold Europe during the winter months and enjoy blue skies and a warming sun.

Spain is a country to which many Europeans emigrate from the colder regions during the winter months and stay in apartments or even rent their ownFinca (Countryhouse) for a couple of months.  A holiday on the Costa del Sol, on the southern coast of Spain, is simply unique, not only because of the weather, but also because of the quaint sandy beaches that provide this typical summer feeling. The Mediterranean beaches of the Costa del Sol stretch over a total length of more than 160 kilometers, so you can really enjoy the sandy beaches, the sun and the clean, pure sea.

Of course,  there are many hotels and tourist attractions available on the coast which make the trip even more enjoyable, as well as a large offer of spa treatments and shopping. For anyone who loves the nightlife, there are also many bars and dance clubs to choose from near by.

But for those who prefer a quiet vacation and do not want to dwell with crowded beaches by the popular resorts,  we can also find these kind of beaches on the Costa del Sol. They are generally small coves that are less accessible, they may not have nearby parking or other installations and are generally situated outside the villages; most likely located towards the eastern part of the Costa del Sol.

People who love the water normally also prefer sporty holiday offers, such as water-skiing, windsurfing, swimming and diving. The Costa del Sol hosts all these activities.

Maybe you don´t just to want to lie around relaxing on the beach, but would also like to visit a few attractions. The Picasso Museum in Malaga is well worth the visit and so is the Gibralfaro Castle overlooking the city; or even the old town in Marbella.

Therefore, active tourists can perfectly combine history and culture with a beach holiday and a wide range of sports, including Golf, on the Costa del Sol. You can expect a varied holiday that you will not easily forget. is located next to Malaga airport, we’ll pick you up once you arrive at the airport and get you and your luggage to your rental car.
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