Hybrid Car Hire at Malaga Airport

Just over a week ago we announced the acquisition of the new models for the C and CA groups. As we commented at the end of the article, we had a pending surprise. We are pleased to announce that the wait has come to an end; you can now rent a hybrid car at MalagaCar.com!


New hybrid groups

Below you can check those top 15 most valuable brands of 2015 we have purchased, as well as the assigned group, to make it easier to find them when booking a hybrid vehicle.

Group DA - Toyota Auris Hybrid
Group DA – Toyota Corolla Hybrid
Group LD - Toyota C-HR Hybrid
Group LD – Toyota C-HR Hybrid


Features of our hybrid models

All our hybrid cars share a couple of features, they use automatic gearboxes and they only must be refueled with petrol. Apart from this, each one has its particularities.

In the case of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid (DA group), we have a medium-sized vehicle but with a spacious interior and a trunk of about 360 litres capacity, it has 5 doors and is suitable for 5 occupants. The combined power of its engines yields a maximum of 136 hp, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just under 11 seconds. Its consumption is around 3.4 l / 100km and its CO2 emissions do not exceed 80 g / km. It is not a model that stands out for its power, but its size and low consumption make it perfect for those traveling to Malaga centre, or other coastal cities.

Note: This model is not available right now. Now it’s the turn of the spectacular Toyota C-HR Hybrid (LD group). The SUVs are in fashion, there is no doubt, so Toyota has decided to overtake the other competitors with its hybrid version of the C-HR. This 5-seater, 5-door vehicle features a spacious passenger compartment and a huge luggage compartment (500 litres capacity). Combining the power of its engines it yields a maximum of 197 hp, allowing the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.3 seconds. Its average consumption is around 4.9 l / 100km and its CO2 emissions are around 115 g / km, good numbers for a vehicle of its size. Its comfort at the wheel and interior space make this model ideal for long trips with the family, or for those who require a good trunk where to load bicycles, golf clubs, etc.


Advantages of renting a hybrid car in Malaga

Reduced CO2 Emissions: They do the same thing as any other car but emitting much less CO2, what more can you ask for?

Low consumption: The combined use of both engines significantly reduces fuel consumption, especially in the city, which means more savings.

Automatic transmission: You can forget about the clutch, the vehicle will select the most economical gear depending on the speed you drive.

Silent engine: The noise of dozens of cars stopped at traffic lights can be very annoying, especially in urban centres. Hybrid motors barely generate noise, helping to reduce the unpleasant volume of traffic in cities.


More news

We are strongly committing to hybrid vehicles, but this is just the beginning. We hope they are well received so that we can continue to acquire new models in the coming years, and even take the next step, the electric car.

It is very likely that this type of vehicles will be rented out in a few days; book now your hybrid car with MalagaCar.com!