Luxury Car Rental in Malaga – Fleet Renewal 2016

luxury fleet
Another year it’s time to dispose of the old cars and renew our fleet with the latest models on the market. This time we have prepared an elegant selection of luxury car hire in Malaga. Last week we were putting on license plates. Do you want to know more about the latest acquisitions?


These are the new groups and their corresponding model:

Group LJ
Group LJ – BMW 3 Series
Group LK
Group LK – BMW 3 Series Automatic
Group LS
Group LS – Audi A6 Automatic
Group SM
Group SM – BMW 2 Series Cabrio Automatic


Here one of our colleagues hard at work…
matriculando coches

And best of all is that you can already them book online; will you be one of the first driving them? If you are interested in another car category, don´t worry, during the coming weeks we will renew the remaining groups of our fleet.

Book your car with and drive a brand-new vehicle!

nuevos bmw