Discount Vouchers. How to get your Promo Code voucher codes Many of our customers have asked us if it was possible to get discount vouchers and special offers for future rentals with Thanks to your contributions and several weeks of programming plus some more of tests, we decided to activate the promo codes on our reservation system.

What is a voucher/discount code?

It is easy, the code or voucher is like a password that gives you access to some exclusive special offers and discounts, which otherwise you would not find on our website.

How can I get voucher codes? Facebook Coupons You can get voucher codes in different ways. For example, becoming a fan of our page on facebook: or following us on Twitter:

Also we recommend to suscribe to our blog where you can find promotional codes among the latest news and events in Malaga.

Another way to get good discounts is to send positive comments about to review pages such as Review CentreTrip AdvisorVirtual TouristTrust Pilot, Google Places, Yelp or our customer reviews page.

Just post your testimonial on any of those websites and send us the link where it appears.

How to use voucher codes at

It is the easiest step of all; all you have to do is access our online car hire booking and enter your discount code in the ‘Code‘ field. Then choose your dates and click ‘Get Quote‘.

If everything is correct you will see a message under the search box with a brief description of the offer. In the list of cars you can see to which cars the offer applies through a stripe which says ‘Promo‘:

Car hire Malaga Promo

If instead you see a red error message it may mean:

The code entered does not exist: Check there are no spaces or incorrect characters.

The code is not valid for the chosen date: Most of the bonuses are valid for a period of time and for rentals within certain dates (the conditions are always indicated next to the promotional code).

We hope you enjoy this new proposal and save even more on your next car hire at Malaga Airport.

What do you think? Do not forget to comment and share with friends and family:

109 Responses to Discount Vouchers. How to get your Promo Code

  1. Taura Stewart says:

    We have used at least 3 times and have had positive experiences each time. You are picked up from the airport and 2 minutes later you are at the office.
    We are coming to Malaga on 20 th to 24th Feb and wondered if there are any discount codes please
    Kind regards

    • Hello Taura! Thank you for being our loyal customer! As such please book always with your client menu to benefit from your increased discount.

      If you never have used it before, you can apply for your customer login at this link:

      Then you can login into your account where will be applied automatically the discount, depending on the number of hires you have already made (Please use always the same email).

      If you like us FB you can get another discount
      Kind regards!

  2. Monica Wright says:

    my daughter recommended, to us. We had an excellent car and furthermore when we drove into the garage one of the staff noticed my husband struggling he has a knee problem and she told him to stay in the car and called a colleague to drive us to the airport. What a relief and thank you so much.

  3. Ady hutt says:

    I am looking to book 2 vehicles ( possibly group C ) between 13 – 24 Aug …is there a way I can book these on line at the same time or do I have to book them individually

    • Hello Ady!

      You have to book them individually. Once you have booked the first car your will receive your account credentials, so you can log-in to avoid filling up again your personal details.

      Best regards,

  4. Ciara McCarthy says:


    I always book my car with you every time i go to spain, however i didnt realise you do promo codes. I have wrote a review on your page and also like your facebook page is their any chance i can get a promo code.. I plan to go out to Spain in Sept and will be making my booking?

    Many Thanks


  5. nikolay radev says:

    I’ll do it. Thank you !

  6. nikolay radev says:

    Is this the place where I can cancel my reservation.
    I already made another one?

  7. nikolay radev says:

    I’ve already booked a car. But today I realized for your promo code. Can I make another reservation and to cancel the other one ?
    Or I simply have to make another reservation and to come to you with the the new booking number ?

  8. Pia says:

    Any discounts if I book now for April-May?

  9. Scott says:

    Hi, we are travelling next month to Malaga and have been recommended your company. We are hoping to hire two BMW X1’s (M8). Do you have a discount code for this?

  10. Melanie Thompson glen says:

    Hi, we have rented from you a number of years ago and are now returning to Spain in October, from 17th to 30th, we need two cars, an Astra size plus perhaps a quashkai, do you have a discount code which is valid?
    Look forward to hearing from you,
    Melanie 🙂

    • Hi Melanie,

      You can use the HELLOFAN promo code. It’s valid for the Group D2 (Astra) but doesn’t apply to Group M5 (Qashqai), maybe you can book that one without discount or get the Group M8 (BMW X1) for only 100€ more.


  11. kristian østergaard says:

    Everything is always OK.

  12. kristian østergaard says:

    Always cleaned cars.
    Quickly in the office and kindly personel/staff.
    I always rent at MalagaCar.
    Have rented here several years and recommanded the firm i Denmark.
    Best Regards
    Kristian Østergaard

  13. Amreesh Khanna says:


    I am coming to Malaga for a family wedding arriving on April 12 around 11:30pm and departing on April 18 around 11am. I was wondering if you have any promo/discount codes for an automatic Group M7 vehicle (Nissan Quashqai). There will be other family members looking to rent as well, would love to pass their business on to you as well as I’ve heard great things about your company! Let me know if any discount codes available. THanks!

    • Hello Amreesh!
      Thank you for your interest in renting with us. The discount code HELLOFAN unfortunately is not available for the group M7. Groups included are
      C1, D2, F, DB, IA, E0, E3, G, G1, G9, M1, M2, M3, M4, P1 and P2.

      Kind regards from Malaga

  14. CARL HALSALL says:

    Hi Again Guys,
    Could do with a promo code for an automatic with space for 5 adults and 3 suit cases!
    Thanks again
    Carl & Stef

  15. CARL HALSALL says:

    Hi Guys, we have used Malagacar for the last few years now, have left a great review/comment and a ‘like; on facebook link.
    Can we have a promo code as we need a larger motor this year with the full insurance.
    Take care Carl & Stef

  16. Shamir says:

    I used in February and was very impressed with the service and quality of the rental car. We will be returning to Malaga in April (12-18) and are looking to rent two vehicles that week. Any promotional code you have for that time period would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  17. Sarah Cooper says:


    We have used twice now, the service is fantastic, cars are great.
    We are looking at re using you again for this year…. 10th August to 24th August. Would you have any great promotional codes please?

    Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

    Sarah Cooper

  18. Gwen wilson says:


    Used you guys several times over the last few years. Delighted with vehicle and service.

    Looking for a car from 8/2/15 till 15/2/15. Any promo offers on.

    Gwen Wilson

  19. Maksym Litov says:

    I need en economy car for 2 persons, transmission standard, starting 19.12.2014-04.01.2015 with promocod. Thank you

  20. Yas says:


    I am interested in renting a car from march 27th to april 5th 2015 and heard good thinks about malaga car. I am interested in group D category and wanted to know if there is a voucher / promo code for this category.

    thank you

  21. John S says:

    Hi, we go every year to Malaga and the past 2 years we have rented a car to you. In may, we hope to come again, it is possible to obtain a promo code?

  22. Helena Svensson says:

    We have been going to Malaga 4-5 times a year the last three years and we have always used an other company. The service has varied a little too much. Some friends recommended Malaga Car and we rented a car from them last time. We are very pleased with both the car and the service at Malaga Car and will certainley continue renting cars there!

  23. Katie B says:

    We will be looking to hire a car from 29th August to 5th September, is there a promo code for discounts

    Best wishes

  24. Walter says:

    Hi looking for your cheapest price for 2 weeks 1-15 August 2014, with any promo code. happy with a small car, and confirmation pick-up is at airport, thanks!

    • Hi Walter,

      You can use the HELLOFAN promo code to get the following offers for your travel dates:
      – Group A (Ford Ka 3 doors or similar): €264.80
      – Group C1 (Seat Ibiza 5 doors Diesel or similar): €306.84

      We use a minibus to take our customers from the airport to the rental office (it’s less than 2 minutes away from the arrivals terminal).


  25. ALAN CARTER says:


    • Hi Alan, you can use the HELLOFAN promo code to get a special discount on group G9.


      • alan carter says:

        hi malagacar after nearly 12 months just wondering what sort of price you can supply an estate car with an extra driver and a full/full fuel on 18/09/2015 @23.15 and return 26/09/2015@0800 yours awaiting a speedy reply

        • Hi Alan,

          Using the HELLOFAN promo code you can get a Group E0 (Renault Kangoo, Citroen Berlingo or similar) for:
          134.15 € –> WEB RATE (includes additional driver + half/half + insurance with 1000 € excess)
          263.75 € –> FULL-PACK RATE (includes additional driver + half/half + premium insurance without excess).

          Best regards,

  26. Jeff Broadbent says:

    Hi, looking to book a car 30th July to 11th August.
    Is there a promo code avaialable which I can use now to book?

    thank you

  27. ken fleming says:

    Hi, just looking to making several bookings for may and june. I was wondering if there are any promo codes that I can use. Thanks ken fleming, customer number 460925

  28. SANDRONT Jean-Pierre says:

    ok confirm

  29. SANDRONT Jean-Pierre says:

    Bonjour, comme en mai-juin 2011 ,j’avais loué une voiture chez vous et que j’ai été très content de vos services, je reviens vers vous pour la période du 31/08 à 23:10 au 16/09/13 à 18:50 ( horaire avion ). Avez-vous des promotions?
    D’avance merci
    Bien à vous

  30. Paul Andrews says:

    We are regular customers of Malaga Car –about 5 times each year
    We are looking for a Focus or similar for 30th August (arrive 19.50) to 16th September (depart 12.00 midday)
    Other operators are currently showing lower prices than yours.What is your best price? Do you have any discount vouchers?

  31. Rasmus Jønsson says:

    Im going to Malaga the 19th of April 2014 for one week. We will be traveling 12 people, and would like 2 big cars and 1 small car. Could you mail me an offer?

    Best regards

  32. Wilfred says:


    I have been looking, quite a while for a reliable and cheap, car leasing company I have searched at the web for this, and I must say that you are often mentioned. You’re known as a reliable and cheap company on the internet. Shows that many people have good experience with your company, and I must admit that you’ve interesting prices. I would therefore give it a try and I’m sure that I’ll be a part of people who have good experience with your company. We are a travelling party of 6 people, so I hope you can arrange for us a promo-code for two cars. And of course I want to post several reviews, because I want to help others to choose the right car leasing company, and that’s



  33. Neil Bates says:

    Hi I have signed up for your newsletter and become fan on facebook can I get a promo code please as I am looking for car hire towards the end of June 2013

  34. paul sparham says:

    HI just wondered if there are any promo’s for late april. weve used Malagarcar for years and are coming back in april but ive never used a promo code so i wondered is there any for april, your on my facebook, thanks.

  35. Albert Willis says:

    Hi again i rented a toyota auris diesel off you in january for 10 days and cannot thank you enough for the wonderful service again , and i would also like to thank you for the car this time as it was all i could have wanted. I am looking to hire from you again from the 8th october to 22nd october this year and would like to know if you have any dsicount codes for this period.
    Thank You Albert .

  36. David Reid says:

    Hi there,
    I will be booking for a family holiday on 28th March till 6th April after you were recommended by a friend of ours. Following you on twitter and happy to provide feedback on trip advisor. Will there be any discount codes available for our booking?


    • Hello David and welcome!
      When making your reservation on the website, please enter the Promo-Code HELLOFAN.
      However, this Promo-Code is valid only for some groups, for example in the date you want to rent a car, the Promo-Code is available for the groups C1, D2, F, DB, IA, E0, E3, G, G1, G9, M y P.
      Later, if you are satisfied with the service received and if you would like to write a review as our customer in places like Google, Tripadvisor etc., we will provide a special discount which also includes many more groups than the “ordinary” Promo-Code. In order to obtain this special discount for future bookings, you have to send us an email including the link to the page where you published your review.

  37. Wanda Morrison says:

    Hi Maryori,

    This is our 3rd trip to Malaga in 3 years. Last year we rented from your company and could not believe the wonderful treatment we received. Your staff is beyond wonderful. So we will be renting from you again for two weeks. Do you have any promo code for Feb.23-March 9, 2013. Thank you, Wanda Morrison

    • Dear Wanda,

      We have found your comment in our blog and I must say that it was wonderful for me to find a message like yours, we always try our best to provide the best customer service and I’m glad to know that you come back to our beautiful country and rent from us again. For your next booking please use the CLIENT LOGIN which is on the left of our website that you access with your email address and the password we have sent to your email address; with this, you can make your reservations with the discount for regular customers and you don’t need to enter all your personal details each time you book online.

      If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us

      Best Regards

      Reservations dpt.

  38. Tom Huppmann says:

    P.S. We will be renting a car in Class B (Thank you)

  39. Tom Huppmann says:

    Hi Malaga Car,

    My wife and I will be returning from a cruise, and landing at Malaga port.
    We will be renting a car from you on Mar 10.
    We will be visiting Malaga Mar 10-17, 2013.
    Is your office near Malaga port, or is your office near Malaga airport?
    Do you provide a shuttle between Malaga port and Malaga airport?
    Could you provide us with a “Promo code” for our car rental, please?

    Thank You,
    Tom Huppmann

    • Dear Mr. Huppmann,

      Thanks for your inquiry.
      This page is only for comments related to published Blogs. To make a reservation, please go to the main menu where you can enter the date and time of arrival, and the place where you pick up your car. As Promocode can use HELLOFAN.

      Regarding your questions, our offices are located one minute from Malaga airport. We offer a shuttle service included in the collection of the car at the airport.
      If you want to collect your car directly at the port of Malaga, you are charged an extra of 30 €. You can return the car at the port or the airport if afterwards you are catching a plane.

      If you have additional questions or concerns, please directly contact customer service at or whatsapp (+34 600 523 523).

  40. Vesa H says:


    We rented a car through you last October and had such a good time in Andalucia that we’re coming back for a week next June!

    Are there any promo codes cars that would suit a family of 3?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hello Vesa,

      We are glad you enjoyed your stay in Andalucia and that you will be renting with us again. You can enter our current Promo-Code HELLOFAN when making the reservation on the website.

      You are interested in a Promo-Code for a car for a family of three in June. But we don´t know your requirements on neither the car nor the exact date, in order to answer accurately.

      When entering the Promo-Code for the first week of June for example (, you can find offers like these:

      Group C1 Seat Ibiza 5 doors or similar for 76.50 € / 7 days.
      Group D2 Opel Astra 5 doors DIESEL GUARANTEED or similar, for 93.60 € / 7 days.

      For your information, these are the current prices of this week and they are not fixed prices. This means, the closer the summer dates and therefore the demand for these cars, their prices will be also increasing.

      Therefore, if you find this offer interesting and it suits your needs, we recommend booking early, to ensure the best prices.

      Best regards,

  41. Nathalie C. says:

    We would like to rent a C class from August 10th to 24th 2013. We are recommended by very good guests of you : Crawshaw family. Would it be possible to get a promo-code or discount voucher please ?
    Many thanks for your kind assitance.
    Great website !
    Best regards,

    • Hello Nathalie,
      Welcome and thank you! Yes, there is a Promo-Code for August.
      When making your reservation on the website, please enter the Promo-Code HELLOFAN.

      However, this Promo-Code is valid only for some groups, for example in the date you want to rent a car, the Promo-Code is available only for groups C1, D2, F, DB, IA, E0, E3, G, G1, G9, M y P.

      So we suggest the following: You can apply the Promo-Code to the C1 group and get for only 8 Euros more a car in a higher category.

      Later, if you are satisfied with the service received and would like to write a review as our customer in places like Google, Tripadvisor etc., we will provide a special discount which also includes many more groups than the “ordinary” Promo-Code.

      Best regards,

  42. Pavel says:

    Hi! I’m going to rent again a D-class car for 6 weeks from mid-november to end of december.
    As you recommended I’ve left a reviews on facebook, and TripAdviser.
    I hope to get a promo-code or a voucher to extra discont. Is it possible? If “Yes” how I can get a promo-code?

  43. Jørgen W J says:

    I’m looking for a promocode for a d-class car from oct-nov.



    • Hi Jørgen, currently we have this code: HELLOFAN
      Unfortunately it’s not valid for group D (but group D2 and C1 are included!)

      You can also log-in with your user and password to get a special discount on group D.


  44. G Sewell says:

    Hi I am a previous customer wishing to book a car in Oct 2012, do you offer a discount code? – many thanks

  45. Gary Teare says:

    Hello. I do not do Facebook or Twitter. Do you have any promo codes for 22-29 Sept ? I am a regular customer. Thanks

  46. nigel mc cabe says:

    Have you codes for 26th July to August 9th category d please?

  47. Geraldine Keegan says:

    Hi, We have booked with Malagacar Hire on many occasions and were wondering if we would get discount for hiring a Volkswagon Passat Diesel for 17 nights from 14th August – 31st August 2012.

    Look forward to hearing from you.



  48. Danny Dewitte says:

    Is there a discount code for April 25 until May 14 th ???

  49. Inge says:

    we are planning our holiday 2012 (in July) in Malaga. We are very interested in renting a car from Malagacar. Will there also be discount codes available for this period?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Inge, it is more than probable that we post new vouchers the next year. But don’t worry, you can book now to be sure that you will have your car and re-book in a few months if the price is lower. Regards,

  50. dave says:

    Send us some discount codes and links onto our website and we can promote you free of charge as we found your service great

  51. Piers Barran says:

    Is there a code available for October?
    Thank you

  52. john monaher says:

    please get best price for golf or corsa for the 27th aug till 3rd sept

    john monaher

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