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In recent months we have introduced many changes in the website among which are outstanding the renewal of groups, design adjustments to improve viewing on mobile devices and tablets as well as some security enhancements.

Very interesting, but… where’s my discount? Very easy, from now on, when you connect to your user account, there will be applied a discount depending on the number of completed reservations:

1 to 5 bookings: 5% discount.

From 6 bookings onward: Plus another 1% per booking (*)

And what happens if I rent for the first time with Don’t worry, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you informed about our latest promotions.

Are you ready to save on your next holiday? Book now your car hire at Malaga airport.


* Up to 20% discount. Only completed bookings will be taken into account. Not cumulative with voucher codes or any other offer.

73 Responses to New Loyalty Program For Customers

  1. Karl-Johan Johansson says:

    can you please send me a promo code, i have rent of you many times last 3 years.

  2. Charlotte Smith says:

    Hi, I was just wondering how I get the 20% discount code. I have been using Malagacar since my daughter was born in 2006 when you were still at the old site. My mother uses Malagacar regularly too as it is her property that we use when we visit Spain (usually twice a year)
    Sometimes I book in mine name and sometimes we use my husband’s name (his email address) It depends who we are putting as lead driver.

    • Hi Charlotte,

      Discounts are not transferable, so you should always book with the main driver’s account. I will send you your log-in details in a new email.


  3. Ken Burgess says:

    How do we get the discount for a car. We have been booking cars regularly since 2014 so I believe should get 20% off. We wish to book one for June -July

    Thank You

  4. Dan Kaland says:


    First of all I want to thanks for all the hasslefree rentals I have made. I have done alot of rentals with Malagacar the last two years and will still do many bookings for 2020, would like to get advice how to claim discounts.

    • Hi Dan,

      I can see that your account does not apply your customer discount correctly. I will check it with the manager to solve it asap.


  5. Nigel Aynsley says:

    Hi There
    I have done and continue to use and recommend Malagacar on a regular basis for many years but have bot received discount as I;didn’t know how to access it. I have several bookings to make for 2020 please can you advise how to claim discounts?
    Great service by the way thanks for all the trouble free rental

    Nigel Aynsley.

  6. Benjamin B Smith says:

    I have been using Malagacar for the last 10 years, three or four times a year.

    It is only now, booking a car for this month, that I have established, I am only receiving a 6% discount.

    I have to say in those 10 years I have never had a single problem, I have recommended many customers to this company.

    I have been trying to resolve this problem for the last week, I have booked a car for a period of 28 days but very disappointed, that I am only receiving a 6% discount

  7. Lynne Reed says:

    How do I sign up to the loyalty program?

  8. Rünno says:

    I Would like to make you a transfer but do not know what is your company’s data? + IBAN and company name to bear

  9. Simon Parry says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have used your company for car hire several times in the past, we are now looking to use your company for extended periods, approximately 3-4 months each time, 2-3 times per year.
    Do you have improved prices for longer hire periods, also how do I join your Loyalty Program?

    Best Regards and Thanks in advance Simon Parry

    • Hi Simon,
      We have a loyalty program. You can get from 5% to 20% discount on your rentals depending on how many times you book with us. You received your log-in credentials on your first booking with us. If you can’t remember your password, please retrieve it at:
      Your user should be the email used in your bookings.


  10. Jeffrey Swarbrick says:

    Are you now able to reply to my query regarding the amount of discount due please. I have been receiving 13% discount for 2years but it has suddenly disapeared even though since receiving 13% I have made completed transactions as follows march,May,October 2015 March,May, October 2016 and January,March 2017.Thank you

  11. Jeffrey Swarbrick says:

    I have been booking hire periods with you for many years and have now more than 20 completed bookings but on trying to make a booking this morning no discount is shown Please check for me customer no —— password —— Jeffrey Swarbrick

  12. bolette liisborg says:

    Hi 🙂

    I have rented and recieved my loyaltydisconut numerous times in 2016.
    I have booked a car today, and have been in contact with you in orden to apply the discount – which doesn’t automatically figure in the booking.
    A member of your staff now informs me, that the loyalty only applies to the basic rate.
    This is news to me – and I can’t find any info about this here on the website.
    Please tell me if this is correct 🙂

    Best wishes


    • Hello Bolette! Yes, this is correct but it’s basically a different way to explain what it always was: The discount is applied on the car rental itself, not the extra insurance or other services.
      Kind regards!

  13. John Hannah says:

    How do I log into my account?
    I seem to just be put through to the main web booking page

    • Hello John! As our return customer you can with your client menu to benefit from your increased discount.

      If you never have used it before, you can apply for your customer login at this link:

      Then you can login into your account on our main page where will be applied automatically the discount, depending on the number of hires you have already made (Please use always the same email).

      Kind regards!

  14. Bolette Liisborg says:

    Hi 🙂
    I have been a costumer for many years.
    I do not have a log-in or costumernumber. I have tried to get one, but only recieve emails regarding a lesser discount.
    Have I understood it correctly, that I will get discount, related to the number of time I have rented a car?
    I wish to make use of the discount I am entitled to.

    Best wishes

    • Hi Bolette, that’s right. Please, log-in before making a new reservation, so it can be summed to your amount of rentals.

      The first time you make a reservation with us you get your log-in crendentials. To retrieve them, please go to:


    • Bolette Liisborg says:

      Hi 🙂
      Thank you for quick response.
      I tried that already – it states that it cannot find any costumer with these datas.
      Best wishes

    • Oops! I’m leaving a note to the customer service team. You should receive your log-in in a few hours.

      Best regards,

    • bolette liisborg says:

      Thank you very much. I can log in now. But I have rented many more times than 6.
      I would like to see my acccount, and the number of rentals, please.

      Thank you 🙂

      Best wishes


    • Hi Bolette,

      Please contact, they will gladly assist you with any further help or information needed in this matter.


    • Bolette Liisborg says:

      The thing is, that they dont answer my mail. This is a bit strange. I am going to Malaga next month, and I am in a hurry to rent a Car.

      Best wishes

    • Hi Bolette, then I would recommend you to hire a car with your current user. Maybe it isn’t possible to merge your old accounts.

      In any case, if your customer account is updated with your old bookings, you can make a new reservation and cancel the previous one.

      Best regards,

    • bolette liisborg says:

      I am a bit put off by this. I recieved an e-mail, again stating that I am only entiteled to 6% dicount. In the last 3 years alone I have rented car 12-13 times.
      I have mailed the bookingnumbers of those, I have kept the confirmation, but have deleted som also. Never thought that it would be the case of strange denial.

      I trule hope that you and your colleges can sort this out, as it is not at all ok.


    • Hi Bolette,

      I know, it can seem weird, but the rental software used is a bit too old and is very limited is some ways, so it just takes into account rentals made from a particular date (I guess, when the new VIP discounts were activated). Anyway, we will try to add all your previous bookings to your account. On the other hand, at this moment you have a 6% discount that you hadn’t before

      Best regards,

  15. Pam and Peter Owen says:

    Hello Marcella, We have just been reading about your loyalty scheme having found this section by chance. I knew we received some discount but had no idea of the details. My wife and I both make bookings and we each have separate account numbers but log in using the same email address – gave us different passwords (either intentionally or by mistake) which enabled us to log into to our own accounts using same email address. We have been using for about 7 years and have booked about 60 cars with you. Earlier tonight we were getting quotes for a booking in late September and my wife’s received no discount so we cancelled out. When later we read this text and logged in using your PHP quote web address her discount was applied. This is quite worrying as we could easily have booked a car without getting due discount.
    Furthermore I appear to have no discount at all. If I send you the two account numbers would you be able to check that correct discounts are noted for both taking account of earlier bookings. Thank you.

    • Hi! Please send both accounts details and a brief description of this problem to
      Thank you!


    • Pam and Peter Owen says:

      We sent details of both accounts in two days ago.Pam discount now appears but mine does not. Do you need any more information? Thank you.

    • Hi! I’ll check with the administration team.

    • Pam and Peter Owen says:

      Marcella, This is dragging on – hopefully you can resolve it promptly so we can book the car for September we were about to book last week, preferably with you.
      We have looked through the email booking confirmations and found at least 40 we actually used (ie excludes any cancelled due to change of plan/car). We have a suggestion that we think is a clear simple way to resolve this matter which we will email rather than dealing with it in open forum? Pam and Peter Owen

    • Hi Peter,

      I would recommend you to make a booking as soon as possible. You can make a new booking when your account is fixed, and cancel the previous one.

      Unfortunately I can’t fix this problem for you. The only way is through or via whatsapp (+34) 600 523 523.


  16. Francisco Cabezas says:

    Very good Discount/loyality program.
    Other rental compqnies don’t have.
    Francisco Cabezas

  17. Dan Barbutiu says:

    Hi MalagaCar,

    Are you going to taka into account previous bookings done over the last 15 years ?

    Un saludo,

  18. Jonathan says:

    Hi – I have booked probably 5-10 times over the last 3 years but don’t think I have a customer number. They would all be under the same email & name. Can I get discount for these? Fantastic service. Thanks

  19. Staffan Johansson says:

    The loyalty program is good but may I suggest you also take into consideration if the rentals are short or long term. A long term rental is far cheaper for you (less administration, transfer, cleaning, refilling, book keeping etc). Good for the environment also. During the summertime we rent a car for 50 days and that compared to approximately 5-10 normal rentals for the same period should also be reflected in the price. Please consider developing your program in such a direction.

  20. Joris says:

    Sounds great ! But we have just booked last week for a one week rental starting this Thursday 12/5. What to do to take advantage of your discount?

    • Hi Joris,

      You can make a new booking and cancel the previous one if the new price is lower (take in mind that last minute bookings use to be more expensive). In this case I would keep the current reservation to avoid confusions.


  21. Emil rosengren says:

    Have you update my account? I’m sure I had rent 20+?

  22. Ole Winther says:

    Er have a Customer number, used for many years.
    But we changed email last year.
    Do we not get credit for all bookings on our old email address (
    Or do you use customer number?

  23. Hanne Prangsgaard says:

    I have regularly booked through Malagacar over the past 3 years and I always recommend you to friends and family, whenever they are going to Spain/Malaga.
    I have logged into my account but I can’t see my reservations under Customer menu.
    Where do I see it?
    Best regards from Denmark.

  24. Andy Watt says:

    That’s great news. I know we have nearly 30 bookings so loyalty discount much appreciated. Arrive this Sunday for a few days – hope weather is sorted by then.

  25. Mary & Robin Miller says:

    That sounds good is it going to take into account previous booking done over the last few years or is it starting from our next booking?

  26. Barry Fyfield says:

    Hi there,
    I regularly book with Malagacar but do not have an account. How do I register as a client to take advantage of your discount offer?

  27. Marcella Hamrogue says:

    I have either 6 or 7 in the last 18 months, do these count and how do I claim the extra discount for the next booking please , is there a code I can use

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