Most common fines and traffic tickets in Malaga

When talking about fines and traveling by car in Malaga, most likely you think of radars, breath tests, driving talking on the phone… In this Blog you get informed about the most common traffic fines, what to do if you are stopped by the Guardia Civil (Civil Police) and the prices of most typical penalties. If you plan to hire a car in Malaga during your holidays, you might find this information about traveling by car in Malaga and traffic tickets useful.

Most common fines on the road

  • Overtaking with continuous line, in an area with low visibility
  • Accelerate to avoid being overtaken
  •  If, when overtaking a cyclist or pedestrian you don’t leave at least 1.5 m lateral distance.
  • Ignoring the indications of an agent.
  • Transporting cargo without fasteners
  •  Stopping at an undue place
  • Inappropriate Lighting
  • Speeding
  •  Turn restrictions
  • Mobile phone and headset
  • Safety distance
  • Throw cigarette ends
  • Drinking, narcotics and driving
  • Refusing to pass a breath test or drug screening.
  • Failure to obey a prohibition sign – prohibited direction, pedestrian zones … – or prohibited manoeuvres – turns, parking…

Most common fines on holiday

  • Driving with hand or elbow out of the window
  • Parking or driving on the beach
  • Carrying too many passengers
  • Sound the horn for no reason
  • Driving with loud music

The most common traffic tickets because of GPS

  • Programming the GPS while driving is a serious offense, punishable by a fine of 200 Euros and 3 points in the driver’s license.
  • Placing the browser in a location that will obstruct the visibility
  • Confusing indications that interfere with the driving

What to do if you get fined

Malaga city ring road

  • Don´t get nervous. Keep calm and pay attention to all the requirements of the agents. If you make their job easier and are cooperating, they will focus on the penalty committed and not other rules you may have broken.
  • Do not argue with the agent. It only makes things worse; in addition, they may mention in the complaint your misconduct and even put you a fine of up to 600 euros for resisting the authority.
  • They cannot arrest you. Remember that agents cannot arrest you except if you are a hazard for other road users.
  • What you cannot deny: To facilitate your ID – otherwise they might take you to the headquarters to identify you there – and the driver’s license. By refusing to perform a breathalyser test you can be fined from 301 to 600 euros.
  • Another tip: Parking in Blue Zone without ticket: Your car will be removed when it is parked in a blue area without parking ticket or when is tripled the paid time.

All these infractions have a penalty of between 80 and 600 Euros, so we recommend using a little common sense when you circulate on the roads of Malaga province; sure you’d rather spend your money on a nice dinner instead of a traffic ticket.

In Spain, since the introduction of the penalty point system six years ago, the major infractions which have led to the loss of points were: Speeding, not wearing a seat belt, mobile phone use and alcohol consumption.

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