Mayday for May Day! Heading for the sunny Costa del Sol

Weather SpainWinter this year has given no quarter, with low temperatures well into the month of April; Easter has gone unnoticed under a blanket of snow in many countries, but don´t despair!

Straighten up in your seat and imagine yourself in a short-sleeve shirt, with a drink in a beach bar in one of the coastal towns of Malaga.

Do you feel the gentle breeze and the warm sun on your skin? Then it is time to look for the sandals in the closet and pack the suitcase for a trip to the Costa del Sol in May! Psst, just between us, a highly recommended getaway!

Take advantage of the bank holidays in the month of May for a trip to the Costa del Sol.

You won´t regret because it is one of the best months to enjoy semi-deserted beaches, a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, a fresh green in the landscape, not too high temperatures (20 to 25ºC / 68 to 77 ºF) and very affordable prices!

Fuengirola beach
Costa del Sol Beach of Fuengirola