Costa del Sol travel and electronic devices

electronic devicesNobody will deny that today we are constantly surrounded by electronics and it seems that we are hardly able to disconnect… apart from this this reflexion, you might find useful some information about traveling with electronic gadgets when you go preparing your trip to the Costa del Sol.

Anywhere we can see people using some sort of gadget, whether the cell phone, a lap-top or keying text messages and of course they are useful when travelling, to stay connected with your family and friends.

The vast majority of the hotels on the Costa del Sol today offer some access to the Internet, either through computers or through a wireless installation for charge; this type of service is also available at many beach bars in Malaga, at bars, cafes and some restaurants. Whatever the type of gadget you use, the most important thing is not to forget the charger and a plug adapter for Spanish sockets (European Standard). When you are enjoying a rental car during your holiday on the Costa del Sol, you can also bring a car charger for electronic devices.

Regarding use of free public Wi-Fi, an important detail to keep in mind is that the information keyed in is not secure and can be picked up by anybody nearby with the proper equipment; thus, when using free Wi-Fi, don´t make use of your passwords and better don´t do your banking or online purchases. The same applies when you are in the air. Some airlines are offering as well internet access on their flights; yet even at 39,000 feet, your personal information is not secure.

On-site Costa del Sol

Finally you have arrived at Malaga airport and you find yourself at only a short distance from your holiday destination. You might have hired one of our cars. First advice: Don’t give anyone an opportunity to steal your gadget. Don´t leave anything inside the car; keep an eye on your stuff and don´t draw too much attention to your electronic gadgets. In case you lose something or have it taken from you, don’t wait to get home to report it. Contact the local police, airport, hotel staff or other responsible parties as soon as possible and get in touch immediately with your insurance company in order to get started a claim.

What means “cold beer” in Spanish?

In the world of gadgets and apps, not a day goes by without a new application, and we have come across a new service from Google translate which might come in handy: The offline language package for Android. We’ve tried it out and although in some respects it is still a bit rudimentary, it is useful to get by without worrying about Internet access.


And there is still another option: Tune out and tune in to life.