Easter Week in Malaga 2015

We have prepared a special blog with all the relevant information about the Easter week in Malaga 2015 for our readers who love processions.

Here you find all the processions and the time when they pass through the city centre, as well as our recommendations and relevant information.


Interesting Information

The brotherhoods start the procession of their throne from their respective churches, but all share a stretch of the itinerary called “official route” which has a length of about 800 meters. The official route of the procession begins in the Alameda Principal, runs along Calle Larios and a stretch of Calle Granada.

Through some streets pass most of the processions, such as Calle Carreteria where people usually are provided with chairs.

A very popular place where many people see the processions is “Tribuna de los pobres” (Tribune of the poor), which are stone stairs at the confluence of Calle Carreteria and Pasillo de Santa Isabel. In the past, those who had no money to pay for a chair sat there; hence the name. It is one of the most exciting spots to see the thrones passing by, full of popular fervour.



Please remember that most of the processions last until late at night and we also recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

The “Closure” (Encierro) is usually a particularly emotional moment: It is time when the sacred image comes back home to its church sheltered by the fervour of hundreds of devotees; many Closures take place in the early morning hours.

If you think about having lunch / dinner in the centre, keep in mind that during Easter restaurants are usually very crowded and with slower service; thus it may be a good moment to test Tapas in Malaga, which is more casual and offers the chance to sample different places.

We recommend using public transportation to see the processions, which have a special timetable throughout the night during this week.

Link to schedules of the commuter train Malaga:


Palm Sunday, 29 March
There are taking place processions throughout the day. The processions pass along Alameda Principal at 12, 1, 4:30, 5:20, 6, 7, 7:50, 8:20 and 9:20 pm.

Monday, 30 March
The processions pass along Alameda Principal at 7, 7:45, 8:35, 9:20, 10:10 and 11:10 pm.

Tuesday 31 March
On Tuesday the processions pass along Alameda Principal at 6:25, 7:20, 8:10, 9, 9:55 and 10:55 pm.

Wednesday 1 April
On Wednesday are taking place 7 processions passing along Alameda Principal at 6.45, 7:10, 7:40, 9:20, 10:25, 11:30 pm and 12:35 am.

Maundy Thursday 2 April
Holy Thursday is one of the important days of the Holy Week in Malaga with a large amount of people in the streets which makes it difficult to move around. There are processions at 6:15, 6:45, 7:50, 8:35, 9:45, 10:50, 11:55 pm and 1:35 am.

Good Friday 3 April
There are processions passing along Alameda Principal at 7:05, 7:50, 8:35, 9:20, 10:10, 11:05, 11:40 pm and 1:15 am. The last of the processions is Servitas, which is particularly impressive because the street lights are turned off as the procession passes by.

Easter Sunday
On Sunday there is only a morning procession, El Resucitado (the Risen One), at 12 midday.