Events Calendar in Malaga: October 2019

Sunny October in the province of Malaga does come not only with excellent temperatures but also with many activities such as Fairs and traditional festivals, international walking festival and the particular celebration of Halloween in the Andalusian style.

Malaga October 2019


Nikki Beach Marbella Closing Party


nikki beach marbella red closing party

Celebrate the end of season at Nikki Beach Marbella’s 2019 Season Closing Party on Sunday, October 06, 2019 from 12pm. Dance your day away to the best summer beats by Nikki Beach’s resident & guest DJs and nonstop entertainment. Dress Code: Strictly Red!

When: 6 October from 12 pm to 7 pm

Reservations: Phone: +34 952 836 239 // +34 660 652 412

How to get there:


Fuengirola Rosario Fair


The Rosario Fair held in honour of the patron saint of Fuengirola, is one of the most outstanding of Andalusia because of its quaintness, traditional costumes but especially due to the great prominence given to horses and beautiful, bedecked carriages.

The Fair takes place at the Fairgrounds in the city centre where there will also be various artistic performances and throughout the week there is a very lively atmosphere in the streets of downtown.

October 7 is the Day of the Virgin of the Rosary, patroness of the city, starting with the Misa Flamenca (10 am) followed by a procession through the streets of downtown. Afterwards the party will continue at the fairgrounds.

When: October 6 to 12

Where: Fuengirola centre and Fairgrounds

How to get there:
On the Mediterranean Motorway (A-7; N-340), C-1 Suburban train and bus.


Nerja Fair


Festival in honour of the patron saint of the village, Virgen de las Angustias, with processions, Flamenco, folk performances and much more, mixing culture, food, religion, music and folklore.

When: From 9 to 13 de October

Where: Nerja

How to get there:


Marbella 4 Days walking


Marbella 4 days walking

This autumn Marbella will again receive hikers from all over the world. Every year around middle of October they’ll participate in the Marbella 4 Days Walking event, where thousands of people come together to walk 20 or 30 kilometres per day, enjoying Marbella, beach and nature.

When: 17 to 20 October

Where: Marbella and surroundings

Information and inscription at the official website:


Chestnut and Wine Festival in YunqueraChestnut and Wine Festival in Yunquera


This village is one of the best known of Serrania de Ronda dedicated to growing chestnut.

Late October is celebrated this festival on this delicious fruit you can try roasted, in syrup, cooked, candied or simply picked directly from the tree, along with wine made from the exquisite grapes grown in the area. In addition are held many parallel activities.

When: 26 and 27 October

Where: Yunquera, Serrania de Ronda

How to get there:



Halloween Malaga
Virtually all coastal cities of Malaga takes place some sort of terrifying celebration, while in the mountain villages is usually held traditional celebration of roasted Chestnuts. Check out our Halloween Malaga 2019 Special Edition.

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  1. Chere says:

    Hi there, we were in Málaga on the 5th October and there was some sort of parade happening. It was a big red and gold cloth draped over something (I only saw from behind) with elaborate candelabra on either side and people walked it theough the whole of the central streets while playing drums. I think I heard a priest chanting and the cloth said Our mother and the rest I couldnt make out. Any idea what this was?

  2. Meriam Veldboer says:

    We have been rented for several times with your company and are satisfied renters. However, the discount after 5 to 6 renting through the customer logg in is not more than 2%. How come?

    • Hi Meriam, if you use your log-in credentials, you should receive a minimum of 5% discount and an extra 1% for each booking completed with

      If you think there may be an error, please contact including the email and password used for logging in.


  3. Corinne Lim says:

    Hello, we are a regular customer of Malaga car for a few years already. We were searching for a house in Malaga areas for the last 5 years. Since last year september we have bought a house in Alcaucin . We are coming to Malaga again on the 25 th of Oktober. This will be the 6 times of this year renting a car from Malaga car . Com . So do we have a special discount when we book the car online on the 25 of okt?
    Also in the future for ourself en for the guests B&B.

    We can advise our guests to book the cars thru Malaga car . com

    Best regards,
    Chun & Corinne

  4. Christian says:

    Je loue régulièrement des voiture chez MALAGACAR.
    Vous informations sur les festivités est une bonne idée, mais étant Français serait-il possible de nous traduire vos informations.
    Avec les remerciements.

  5. Jane Clarke says:

    How do I subscribe to your blog? I would like to get the 30% discount please as I am a returning customer for years. Can you send me the link please?

  6. Peggy Gedling says:

    Please can you advise if there are any antique/collectors markets near Calle street from 28th Nov to 2nd Dec and what other events might be taking place during that time. We are coming for a conference during that time and staying at the Atarazanas Boutique hotel. We would like to walk around the immediate area, is it safe to do so in the evenings?

    • Hello Peggy!
      Please check our Events Section in our FB for the most recent updates on Events.
      The area where you stay is the city centre with plenty of night life, bars and restaurants. Plus at this time of the year the Christmas illumination is already switched on and you will love to walk the area after dark.

      Regarding security, it is quite safe but of course there can always happen something, especially if you run around with expensive cameras or a lot of cash in your pocket, but that is common sense! 😉

      Enjoy your stay in Málaga!
      Kind regards,

  7. Edward M Parker says:

    Hi. I’ve been following for some time but have somehow missed the events calendar before . Is there a way to subscribe to it separately so I don’t miss it again?

  8. JC Walsh says:

    Please inform us of Hallowe’en events in the Malaga, Costa del Sol areas.

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