The Guadalhorce and Guadalteba Reservoirs

Embalse Gaitanejo
About 60 kilometres northwest of Malaga are situated the Guadalhorce, Conde de Guadalhorce and Guadalteba Reservoirs, one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Andalusia.

In the natural site you can enjoy a wide range of activities as it is the ideal place to enjoy nature, either with the camera, hiking, biking, caving, climbing, swimming or fishing.

Less than an hour’s drive from Malaga hides this Inland paradise with turquoise waters and a breath-taking gorge. The three reservoirs which were built last century for the supply of potable water in Malaga have become a natural paradise in the province where you can also see large birds of prey such as the golden eagle and the vulture soaring through the skies.

The oldest of the three reservoirs, the Conde de Guadalhorce not only provides a lot of history but also places of interest like the Casa del Ingeniero, a viewpoint or the Kings chair, a set of two banks, a chair and a table made of stone, where King Alfonso XIII signed the completion of construction of the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir.

For more active nature lovers there are several campsites and facilities that rent canoes and there are several hiking trails around the Reservoirs; some of them with spectacular views.

The area is also very popular among climbers and considered one of the best in southern Europe. Thrill seekers love the famous Caminito del Rey to which, for its impressiveness, we devote a separate paragraph:


Caminito del Rey and Los Gaitanes Gorge

Desfiladero de los Gaitanes

The Gaitanes Gorge is a canyon excavated by the Guadalhorce River, situated between the reservoirs and El Chorro. This canyon of more than three kilometres length at some points reaches over 100 meters depth.

The Caminito del Rey (The Kings Walkway) is a walkway built into the walls of the gorge with a width of just 1 m and hanging up to 100 m above the river in nearly vertical walls, for maintenance of this channel. The stunning construction was inaugurated 1921 by King Alfonso XIII, hence its name.

Bajada del Caminito del ReyNot for the faint hearted, it is certainly one of the favourite spots of climbers, despite many fatal accidents in recent years due to its deteriorated condition.

The good news is that the Caminito del Rey is currently being renovated so that also less skilled visitors can enjoy the spectacular views without fear of breaking their necks.

The official opening is scheduled for January / February 2015 and will certainly be an enormous enrichment among the beautiful natural areas that Malaga province has to offer.

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