Mobile apps for active tourism in Malaga province and Costa del Sol

App “Costa del Sol-Malaga” on mobile device

It is already a fact that technology has been incorporated into the tourism industry and travel. One only needs to observe how everybody swiftly gets accustomed to online bookings and network applications; but also has changed the way we travel: Every day there is more integration between mobile devices and cars so that you can make driving more efficient and convenient.

In this sense, every day, car companies are involved in the development of applications and connectivity systems as if it were an added value. But the tourism industry is also beginning to explore this potential.

In fact, Malaga is the first province in Spain to offer an App based on geo-location, i.e. detecting where the user is located and showing him all the tourist spots geo-referenced, which will enhance the experience of the holiday destination.

Visit a municipality of Malaga, take the mobile phone with Internet access and know what sights to see and some of its history, where are the ATMs, service stations, hotels and restaurants are just some of the options that the user will have by downloading the free application Costa del Sol-Malaga. Specifically, there is information on seven categories: Culture, hotels and restaurants, nature, tourism and leisure, gas stations, ATMs and municipalities.

To this information are added support tools such as videos, audio guides, history and integration with social networks Twitter and Facebook, which allow sharing data on the Costa del Sol in real time with the rest of the world.

To date, the application delivers data in a radius of 10 kilometers from the position in which the traveler is situated with his mobile phone. The App “Costa del Sol-Malaga,” is available for free for users of iPhone and Android systems in their virtual stores.