How to travel by air with a wheelchair

AENA Request page

Reduced mobility, wheelchair and air travel is not at odds. If you are a person with reduced mobility, airports and airlines put at your disposal a special service. Although it may seem that everything is very complicated, airports and airlines are fully prepared to receive and care for passengers with wheelchairs. It is simply planning the flight with time and report the need for a special service at no additional charge.

Since many people today are travelling, it is useful to remember what to do in these cases.

First, you have to apply for a wheelchair to move around the airport facilities. In Spain, the request may be made directly to Aena (Request page), through its website or the telephone service (902 404 704) or may be obtained from the customer service of the airline at least 48 hours in advance.

The airlines use internationally recognized codes, to identify the level of assistance necessary in each case. The questions asked by your travel agent or the airline may seem a bit intrusive, but are necessary to ensure that you receive the type of service you require.

Here are some examples of questions you might be asked:
What disability do you have?
Can you walk through the airport terminal to the aircraft or do you need a wheelchair / electric vehicle.
If you need a wheelchair, you will use your own chair?
The chair is? Folding? With battery?
Should the airline provide staff to push your wheelchair?
Can you walk up and down the aircraft steps or do you need assistance to board and disembark? Can you move from a wheelchair to the aircraft seat without help?
Can you walk around the aircraft or need to use a cabin wheelchair?
Do you need to know if the airline will provide a toilet accessible with wheelchair?
What kind of assistance you need during the flight?

The airline cannot help you with food, or getting up, or with medication, or take you to the toilet. For help with all these things, you need to bring a companion.

The day you travel, being already at the airport, support staff will accompany you to the check-in counters for the formalities two hours before the flight departure.
The transport of the wheel chair is free of charge, but it is important to consider its characteristics, since it depends whether it can get on the plane like crutches or has to be checked in with the luggage.

For those passengers travelling with electric wheelchairs to be delivered to billing will be provided another manual wheelchair for mobility through the airport and boarding area. Your wheelchair will be carried in the aircraft hold and you can pick it up at the baggage claim area upon arrival at destination.

The security procedures are the same as for any other passenger, but sometimes the chair has to pass through special control, so this step requires to be accompanied by a travelling companion or airport staff.

You’ll be the first to go on board – you will be accompanied to your seat – and the last to leave the plane, thus for practical purposes you have to consider the time you have to must in the cabin will be slightly longer than for the rest of the passengers. You will sit in seats previously determined by the airline, next to the window.

Once at the destination, again you will have the escort service that you enjoyed at the airport of origin.

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