Malaga Airport Arrivals in High Season

For this summer 2018 is expected an increase of 8% of flights at Malaga airport compared to last year’s peak season. That is, there are expected a couple of fairly busy months in these facilities on the Costa del Sol which are the main gateway for all tourists visiting Andalusia.

If you plan to take a flight to Malaga during the high season, you have good weather guaranteed with long sunny days and clear skies to enjoy a perfect day on the beach.


First time hiring a car at Malaga airport?


Upon exiting Terminal 3 you will pass through the arrivals hall where one of our employees will be waiting to show you the way to the minibus.

Our Employee records your arrival on an electronic device. Please never go directly to the Bus stop without having been received by our staff.

After the Arrivals hall you get to the square where is situated the bar of the typical brewery Gambrinus; you turn right and walk about 150 metres to the minibus stop:


The minibus will take you to our offices in 2 minutes:



Returning the car to and getting to the airport


Surely many of you already know the simple process to return the car and how to get to our offices. For those who rent their car for the first time with us, we show a video where you can see how to get back to our facilities.

We bring you back to the departure terminal of the airport; it is a quick and easy process.

New Southern access to Malaga airport / Arrivals – Car rental (direction Malaga – Cadiz)

New Southern access to Malaga airport / Arrivals – Car rental (direction Cadiz-Malaga)

For more information please visit our section on Malaga airport.
If this is not your first visit, we will be happy to see you again!

Enjoy your well-deserved holiday in Malaga and your Malaga Car😉