Malaga airport passenger growth and Ryanair

Malaga airport during this exercise is breaking the downward trend in passenger numbers that began with the economic crisis. In fact, estimates for this period include an increase by 10% and more than 13 million passengers, a figure not reached since 2007, when the facility had its record year with 13,5 million passengers.

Responsible for this increase has largely been the low cost carrier Ryanair, which opened one year ago its base at the airport of the Costa del Sol and has since then has carried more than 20% of passengers arriving at Malaga. The controversial company carried in the first five months of 2011 a total of 980,181 passengers to and from Malaga airport, 471,427 more than the same period last year, representing thus a 92% growth.

This company offers during the summer season almost 50 routes to and from Malaga, as well as linking the capital of the Costa del Sol with European destinations such as London, Glasgow, Pisa, several German cities and also joins Spanish cities such as Santander, Valladolid, Zaragoza and Ibiza.