Opening of the southern access road to Malaga airport (Video)

Very soon, you´ll have even more good reasons to hire your car with us at Malaga airport, as for this summer is scheduled the partial opening of the southern access road to Malaga airport from the motorway A-7 (MA-20).

This new slip road makes the access to the Costa del Sol airport much more pleasant for passengers who travel to the facilities in their own car or a rental car. The following video shows how to get into the south access road:

Thus very soon you won´t have to check very often your GPS, as driving on the A-7 from the municipalities of the western Costa del Sol, you´ll be travelling pleasantly the A-7 until the direct exit to the airport terminals. The opening will take place in summer although the exact date is not yet known; we will keep you informed.

The completion of this infrastructure remained unfinished after the conclusion of the works at the airport with the new terminal T3, a new suburban train station and the second runway; however, being one of the most important airports in Spain, Malaga airport-Costa del Sol had so far only one access road.

Yet there is a little detail to be taken into account: By now the access road is going to be one way, since to exit the airport premises you´ll have to keep driving along the traditional road until is finished the second short road from the airport facilities to the motorway A-7.

South Access Road
South access road to Malaga Airport