Don’t miss Semana Santa in Malaga

Easter Procession Downtown Malaga

The Semana Santa in Malaga – or Holy Week – is definitely the highlight of the year.

This week is the week leading up to Easter and is treated with the utmost respect. It’s also a week of cities and towns filling up with crowds to watch the processions.

In 2014 it starts on Sunday April 13 and ends on Sunday April 20th. 

Nowhere it´s celebrated with so much elegance and magnificence as in Malaga city. The processions are impressive, the men carrying the thrones are wearing their elegant clothing – the silence, the rhythmic cadence, the typical music… for West Europeans it’s a sudden connection with a long gone era.

For Malagueños it’s a shared feeling of pride and honour for their history and religious culture.

We could talk for hours about the Holy Week – Semana Santa in Malaga – but why do so? Live it!

In Málaga city the best days to go are the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Just go to the centre and follow the crowds. Good spots to be are at the Alameda or the Calle Larios.

But also outside of Malaga city there’s much to see. Semana Santa lives in every town and village of Malaga province. You can imagine the music, shadows and atmosphere in a city as Ronda. Not to mention in Seville, or the other big cities of Andalucia.

It’s a wonderful week to drive through Andalucia

The processions in Málaga city in 2014:

They are named after the brotherhood.

10:00-14:30 La Pollinica
16:45-23:00 El Huerto
15:00-22:15 Dulce Nombre
15:45-23:15 La Salutación
17:20-01:00 La Salud
17:20-01:00 Prendimiento

16:10-23:30 Crucifixión
17:15-22:30 Los Gitanos
20:00-03:00 Dolores del Puente
17:00 23:40 La Pasión
19:00-01:30 Estudiantes
19:45-04:00 El Cautivo

15:45-02:30 Nueva Esperanza
17:30-01:15 Las Penas
20:15-02:15 La Humillación
19:00-01:45 El Rescate
19:45-02:30 Sentencia
20:00-03:30 El Rocío

16:30-00:00 Salesianos
17:45-00:30 Fusionadas
19:15-00:30 La Paloma
19:35-02:00 El Rico
20:55-02:15 La Sangre
23:45-05:00 La Expiración

19:40-03:30 Zamarrilla
23:00-05:30 La Esperanza
16:00-22:10 La Santa Cruz
17:10-22:30 La Cena
17:30-00:30 Viñeros
19:50-01:30 Mena
20:35-02:30 La Misericordia

17:35-23:00 Dolores de San Juan
17:25-23:55 Descendimiento
16:20-01:30 Monte Calvario
19:30-02:30 El Traslado
18:45-03:00 Amor
20:15-02:45 La Piedad
21:00-02:55 El Sepulcro
22:45-04:00 Servitas

10:30-14:00 El Resucitado

 Don’t think, don’t plan, just be there!