In Malaga and southern Spain there is still a lot of summer ahead

While it inevitably becomes cooler in central and northern Europe, the Costa del Sol in southern Spain still is enjoying a warm climate – and plenty of peace after the bustling months of July and August. September and October are in Malaga and the Costa del Sol ideal months for those seeking relaxation and sun. The bathing season runs at the sun-drenched coast even well into autumn.

The long-lasting warm climate attracts until the end of October holidaymakers to the beaches. In the resorts, however, it is already a lot more quiet and the locals return to their relaxed pace; a pleasant way of life, where you can now fully participate, without the characteristic bustle of the high season. But don´t worry, you won´t get bored. Malaga is famous for its nightlife and festivals which are independent of the summer season.

But autumn on the Costa del Sol is also the time of golfers and hikers. Due to the large selection of excellent golf courses, the coastline has become famous as a world class golf destination. When the summer heat subsides, golfers from around the world flock to the sunny coast of Malaga, to improve on the famous golf courses their handicap.

Or it might be a hiking tour through the hinterland of the Costa del Sol. Here are many beautiful hiking routes namely for every taste. The well-marked paths lead through the varied mountain scenery to stunning viewpoints, idyllic mountain lakes and several attractions in the region.

One should not miss to visit at least one of the famous “white villages”, which are considered as symbol of Andalusia. Typical of the historic villages are whitewashed houses that were partially built close to the mountain slopes. And you can see a large selection of casas rurales here that may be perfect for your family, close to groceries and stores.

Anyone with a rental car can go along the route of the white villages (Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos) visiting several of the white villages.

Whatever your activities might be during your holiday on the Costa del Sol, the season is great for a lot of activities where we can fully enjoy long hours of summer, but without its negative aspects such as high prices, excessive heat and crowds everywhere. Personally, along with spring my favorite season on the Costa del Sol!