The Costa del Sol in September: Great weather within reach of every budget

September traditionally represents for many the end of summer and the return to work, school and routine. While for others it is the desired month, specifically for those fleeing from the crowds on the beach, the insufferable traffic jams on the road, packed hotels and skyrocketing prices. Also for those who cannot stand being under a parasol at 40 degrees Celsius.

The advantages of holidays in Malaga in September are endless. In fact, September means lower average prices on flights, accommodation, car rental and maintenance so that for holidays in September the price can come down to 50%.

Malaga and the Costa del Sol become more enjoyable for the visitor seeking a softer temperature and tranquillity during the holidays. The average temperature in September is four degrees lower than in July and August. For this reason, and for the warmth of the water after weeks of sun, September is rising in the ranking as the best option to rest.

It is especially recommended looking for bargains at the last minute via internet, unlike what happens in July or August. While in the summer months the market is oversaturated and this prevents finding deals, once the summer high season is over, prices fall dramatically and the attention becomes more individualized then during the bustling summer months.