A visit to Malaga during your holidays

Malaga, the city founded in ancient times by the Phoenicians, is situated at the shores of the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Bathed by intense Andalusian sun this city has a special grace and charm.

Malaga is internationally famous especially for its beaches on the Costa del Sol. Not in vain this coast boasts one of the most soft and warm climates of the Iberian Peninsula, with so many hours of sunshine throughout the year that it would be surprising that your visit coincides with cloudy days.

However Malaga also offers other less known attractive features, both in the capital and the province, evidence of a rich and ancient history. A tour of this town will make you discover many unique aspects, both in nature and in art. The town itself is warm and welcoming, with numerous gardens, andalusian charm and reminiscences of Arab architecture.

The province holds treasures in its four directions. To the south, in its eastern and western coast, we have beaches some of which are extremely touristy; meanwhile others still retain the charm of a fishing village. To the north, we find its mountain ranges where we can discover beautiful and amazing natural landscapes.

Touring around the province we will discover remarkable and picturesque villages, some with ancient archaeological remains. Try the delightful Andalusian cuisine and the delicious raisin wine is another pleasure which you should not refuse. In order to get the most out of your visit we recommend car hire at Malaga airport, which gives you the freedom of exploring our beautiful province at your own pace.