Visiting Malaga in Winter: Museums and Galleries

Visiting Malaga in Winter is for many people an attractive break from the winter blues and cold. So what can you do in Malaga during the winter months? In this post we’ll be taking a quick tour of some of the many museums and galleries around the city.

Museums Malaga

Malaga is blessed with beautiful summers and mild winters, and this vibrant city is becoming increasingly popular as a year round destination. Most holidaymakers simply pass through Malaga on their way to the Costas, but increasing numbers of visitors are arriving out of the summer season to take advantage of the spring-like climate. There are a number of museums and galleries in and around the city, from archaeology to art, so there’s sure to be something of interest for everyone. With a pleasant climate and fewer visitors, winter is a great time to explore the rich cultural history of Malaga.

There’s a lot to see for art-lovers in Malaga. The Centro de Arte Contemporáneo is one of the most important contemporary art spaces in Europe. It’s a huge space dedicated to the visual arts of the last century, and is a dynamic and exciting venue all year round. There are events and workshops held regularly and it’s free to enter. Perfect if the weather takes a turn for the worst!

As Malaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, there are a number of attractions dedicated to the famous artist in the city. The Picasso Museum houses an extensive collection of the artist’s work within an impressive and imposing 16th century building, while the Casa Natal (birthplace of Picasso) is also nearby. Both venues can be visited in a day, though can often be very busy at weekends. There is a small fee to enter, however it’s well worth it to see some of the great works by the artist on permanent display here.

The Interactive Museum of Music is a fantastic collection of instruments from across the globe, and is a great venue for children and adults alike. Aiming to introduce visitors to all kinds of music, the museum provides an interactive ‘hands on’ experience to music from many different locations and time periods.

You’ll also find a number of smaller venues such as the Automobile and Wine museums well worth a visit. The Museo de Vino is based in the city centre and studies the history of wine making in the region – even offering a few tasters along the way. The Automobile Museum of Malaga is a private collection housed in an old tobacco factory and boasts 85 vintage cars on display, along with an exhibition of art created from engine components.

If you’re on your way back to Malaga Airport and still hungry for a last bite of the cultural apple, there’s even a museum which houses a number of items and displays covering aviation history and there is as well as an exhibition hall for contemporary art in the main terminal. Perfect for a wander round if your flight is delayed!