Autumn on the Costa del Sol

LemmonsLast weekend, also on the Costa del Sol arrived autumn, with cold wind and rain. Although we need to dress warmer during these days because of the unpleasant weather, visitors and residents of the Costa del Sol can enjoy a sunny outlook: Winter practically does not exist here.

Due to the southern latitude and protecting high mountains, on the Costa del Sol autumn passes seamlessly into spring and the sun is over the coming months the predominant element.

Once the clouds have cleared, it shines again with warm strength in the sky and ensures throughout the year flowering bushes. And meanwhile winter slowly sets over Europe, here are slowly are ripening lemons and oranges on lush green trees!

Due to this excellent climate, the Costa del Sol receives in the winter months a large number of visitors wanting to escape the cold of their hometown. A typical image during this time of year are well-filled terraces and outdoor cafes where foreign visitors and locals enjoy a drink, sitting with short sleeves and soaking up the sun.

Who is going to visit Malaga in autumn or winter, is very well advised with a car hire at Malaga airport, as this time of year there are excellent opportunities to explore the beautiful region of Malaga at very low prices. Thus, the price for a Ford Ka for a whole week is only 52 pounds, that is, your car rental for 7.40 pounds a day!

Along the coast opens up during the winter months a green, lush paradise that is balm for any winter-damaged soul and who is now heading off to discover the Genal Valley and the Sierra de las Nieves finds colorful chestnut forests.

Those who want to experience the contrast of the tropical coast and a winter’s Tale in less than two hours by car can take a trip in the resort of Sierra Nevada at 2,300 meters height with stunning views over the Mediterranean Sea.