Common traffic fines by rent a car clients

Speed control sign on Spanish motorways
Speed control sign on Spanish motorways

After the great success with many likes on Facebook of our Blog on traffic fines driving a car in Malaga we have prepared another one that you might find equally entertaining: The most common traffic fines by rent a car clients (part One).

Many lessees may not be aware of the fact that when renting a car in Malaga and the rest of the peninsula, the lessee or principal driver is held responsible for any traffic fines. That is, although the car is not yours and you are living abroad you will have to pay for traffic offences committed on Spanish roads.

When you get this bill, don´t be surprised by a charge for administrative costs; because contrary to what you might think that we want to get some extra money, it is quite laborious having to identify the driver and solve the resulting paperwork. In fact, the costs for the company are considerably higher than the 25 Euros we charge for administration fees, but we want our customers to return and the best way to do this is to provide excellent customer service in every way possible.

If you want to learn more about our terms and conditions, please visit the page Rental Prices, where scrolling down you find all the information or visit the terms and conditions page that is automatically included in your Booking confirmation when renting a vehicle, so that our customers are fully informed.

Where our customers are getting more fines and what of type are they?

Stay with us; in the forthcoming article we “get to the point” and we talk about the typical fines of customers, places where they usually get fined and how we proceed in processing these fines.

Last not least, we close this article with a historical anecdote about the first driver fined in history: It was Walter Arnold, who circulated in 1896 in Kent in the UK, at a speed of 8 miles per hour when the allowed speed was 2 miles per hour. He was arrested by a policeman who chased him riding a bicycle and was fined a shilling plus court costs.