Are you one of the tourists who choose the Costa del Sol as holiday destination?

Do you want to know if you fit the profile of the tourist who usually chooses the Costa del Sol as a holiday destination? How does the average traveller who visits our province travel, where does he stay or how does he make his reservations? Find out in our Blog!

Who chooses the Costa del Sol as a holiday destination?

Although there is also an important number of national tourists, it is undoubtedly the Nordic foreigners who usually come to the Costa del Sol in search of sun and warm temperatures. Of these Nordic tourists, it is still mainly the British who enjoy our mild climate, as 3 out of every 10 flight seats come from a city in the UK.

What most tourists have in common is that they usually arrive by plane at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport which is the main gateway for visitors to Andalusia, although most of them stay in our province.

Those of you who have been here before, if you have noticed, the Costa del Sol is usually a destination for more mature tourists, couples and families. They are travellers who handle new technologies well and who mostly use the Internet to organize their trips. Thus, according to data from the Costa del Sol Tourism report, the average tourist is about 50 years old, working and very active, followed by another very large group of retirees.

Public transportation or rental car?

Costa del Sol holiday destination
From Malaga to Torre del Mar, courtesy of one of our clients

Although the plane is the most widely used means of transport to get to Malaga, once in the province the visitors use the car to get around. In fact, six out of ten tourists usually rent a car at Malaga airport, and thus have the maximum freedom of movement in the province.

Hotel or apartment?

Costa del Sol holiday destination
Hotel Riu in Torremolinos

Three out of ten travellers currently choose apartments, while most prefer to stay in a 4- or 3-star hotel, which are the most popular. However, of the travellers staying in hotels, most only have a stay and breakfast or half board, which is not surprising considering the rich gastronomy in the province.


Although of course the biggest attraction of the Costa del Sol is precisely the “Sun and Beach”, many visitors are in fact very active and discover the province on their own by renting a car in Malaga, emphasizing the routes and cultural visits, gastronomy and nightlife. In this sense, the most popular places to visit at present are Malaga, Marbella, Ronda, Nerja and Mijas.

En route close to Frigiliana on the eastern Costa del Sol

High satisfaction with the destination

Also in 2019 the Airport Malaga-Costa del Sol has registered a new historical record surpassing 13 million passengers, a number also consolidated by the high satisfaction of the tourists who visit the province. Seven out of ten say they will return to the destination within the next three years and 98% of them say they will recommend it to family and friends.

Booking online

The Internet is the most important channel for the organization of the trip and to which eight out of ten tourists resort, both for information and for some booking.
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