Everything you ever wanted to know about our VIP Service

VIP Service Malagacar, Full pack

In this post we provide all the information about the service you get in our office when booking a FULL pack, how long it takes to do the paperwork and everything else you will want to know, especially if it’s the first time to hire your Malagacar with us!

Whether you have already hired with us or if it is the first time you rent with Malagacar.com, you may be interested in knowing more about our VIP service that we offer when you purchase the FULL pack option.

What is the FULL pack?

This option has been created to provide our customers with the maximum possible comfort when renting a car. The holidays are to enjoy them, from the beginning to the end, without having to worry about possible problems with the car.

As an example, very common in Malaga are scratches caused by third parties in parking lots of supermarkets. This will not be a problem for you, since your FULL pack includes a full insurance without excess.

And of course you have free roadside assistance, as well as a free second driver. Another aspect that differentiates the FULL pack from the other options is the VIP service in our office.

What is the VIP service?

Once you arrive at our office, you have several VIP counters with priority attention and fast delivery.

We only need your details, a process that takes approximately 5 to 8 minutes if it is the first time you rent with us. If you are already our client, we have your data and the administrative part is even faster.

By having your extra insurance included in the contract, you don´t waste time when picking up the car verifying possible damages or scratches, nor in the return you´ll have to wait that we have verified the car to take note of possible damages caused by you. Simply return the car and we will take you to the Terminal. That´s all!

In addition to these advantages, hiring the FULL pack with VIP service in our office is

especially advisable if you travel with children or elderly people and want to minimize waiting time. The same applies for the months of high season, Easter and Christmas, with a very high volume of customers and consequent inevitable delays.

For maximum peace of mind in your holidays, rent your FULL pack at Malagacar.com!

12 Responses to Everything you ever wanted to know about our VIP Service


    I always get “Full Pack” and it is great. Coming all the way from Canada we are pretty tired and a long queue is not what we need. Had wonderful service the first 2 times and looking forward to the same this time. Just wish there was a “Malagacar” everywhere I go. See you April 30 this year

  2. chrestensen ronald says:

    last year y have rentet a car renault megane.
    after 2 or 3 weeks y had driven approx 2000km.
    y contacte the firm the said enter with the car.
    wen y arreved came a person end he said it takes only a few minutes,to reset the computer. then y said ok but y wont a paper if somthing happens with de car its not my fould. then the give me another old car

    • Hi Ronald,

      We ask our customers to change the car if they drive more than 2000km. It’s a quick process, just to check that the car is in good conditions.


  3. Ross Horgan says:

    Agree 100% here, there was a shouting match when we tried to get on the bus. Why don’t they have someone at the bus stop during high season to assign a number and you get on the bus when your number is called. It was very stressful with 2 young children but Great once we got to the office. Out in minutes due to Vip service.

  4. Paula says:

    If I book full pack do I have to still pay deposit on a credit card when collecting the car?

  5. Carole burnie says:

    VIP service good once you get to office it’s the fight to get on the minibus that spoils it

    • Hi Carole, as we assign a number to each customer in arrivals, jumping the queue makes no sense. It would be nice that all the customers could respect the queue, though.

      Best regards,

    • Neil says:

      I have to agree with Carole on every aspect. As soon as the pickup vehicle arrives it’s like a mad rush to do the Christmas shopping. If the driver had a list of which numbers were to board the vehicle this would make it a lot easier and would stop people pushing and shoving. We all want to get our car as quickly as possible but it’s not always the case especially in high season. I have rented with Malagacar now for over 10 years and would never change to anyone else. I’ve always found the drivers and office staff polite, courteous & welcoming. I look forward to seeing you in August as I’m about to book my car

    • Thank you Neil!

      I will let our manager know, maybe we can make some improvements on the shuttle bus service.


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