Cities with flights to Malaga this summer 2022

Flights to Malaga this summer 2022

From which cities there are flights to Malaga this summer 2022?

This summer Malaga airport offers flights to Malaga from 110 destinations with almost 50 airlines, find out from where you can fly to Malaga.

If you are planning to come to the Costa del Sol in summer, take a look at our complete list of flights to Malaga, with a huge offer of both national and international flights and destinations as far away as Canada, Turkey or Doha, among others, the last two being major hubs connecting to the Middle East and Asia.

Of course there are plenty of flights from central Europe such as Germany and Great Britain to the Costa del Sol, as well as Paris, another great hub for connecting flights to the USA.

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Domestic flights to Malaga summer 2022

Terminal 3 at Malaga airport where Schengen flights are checked in and the security control is located

The airport for this summer 2022 has a total of 17 domestic destinations.

Asturias (Vueling and Volotea)
Barcelona (Vueling and Ryanair)
Bilbao (Vueling and Volotea)
Ceuta (Hélity)
Gran Canaria (Vueling and Ryanair)
Ibiza (Ryanair)
Lanzarote (Vueling and Ryanair)
Madrid (Air Europa, Air Nostrum, Iberia and Iberia Express)
Melilla (Air Nostrum)
Menorca (Ryanair)
Palma de Mallorca (Vueling and Ryanair)
Santander (Ryanair)
Santiago de Compostela (Vueling and Ryanair)
Tenerife North (Vueling)
Tenerife South (Ryanair)
Valencia (Ryanair and Air Nostrum)
Vitoria (Ryanair)

International flights to Malaga summer 2022

flights to Malaga
Passengers arriving at Malaga airport Photo El Español


Vienna is served by Austrian Airlines, Ryanair and Wizz Air Hungary.


From Belgium this 4th summer there are 4 possible destinations
Antwerp (Tui Fly Belgium)
Brussels (Brussels Airlines, Tui Fly Belgium, Vueling and Ryanair)
Liège (Tui Fly Belgium)
Ostend (Tui Fly Belgium)


From Sofia you can fly to Malaga with Bulgaria Air, Ryanair and Wizz Air Hungary.


A connection to Montreal is available again with Air Transat.

Czech Republic

If you want to fly to Prague this summer, you can do it with Eurowings, Smartwings and Ryanair


You can fly to Zagreb from Malaga with Ryanair.


From Denmark there are 4 possible cities.
Aalborg (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
Aarhus (Ryanair)
Billund (Vueling and Ryanair)
Copenhagen (Ryanair, Scandinavian Airlines System, Norwegian Air Shuttle Aoc As, Norwegian Air Sweden Aoc Ab and Vueling)


To Helsinki we can fly with Finnair, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Norwegian and Air Sweden)


From France you can choose between 5 airports to fly to Malaga.
Bordeaux (Ryanair)
Marseille (Ryanair and Vueling)
Paris/Beauvais-Tille (Ryanair)
Paris/Charles de Gaulle (Air France and Easyjet Europe)
Paris/Orly (Transavia France and Vueling)


The German company Lufthansa at Malaga airport back in 1967

There are a total of 10 destinations available in Germany:
Baden Württemberg (Ryanair)
Berlin (Easyjet Europe and Ryanair)
Cologne (Eurowings and Ryanair)
Dusseldorf (Eurowings and Ryanair)
Dusseldorf/Weeze (Ryanair)
Frankfurt (Lufthansa and Ryanair)
Hamburg (Eurowings and Ryanair)
Memmingen (Ryanair)
Munich (Vueling and Lufthansa)
Stuttgart (Eurowings)


You can also fly this summer from Malaga to Budapest with Wizz Air Hungary and Ryanair.


Our Irish friends this summer can fly to Malaga from
Cork (Ryanair and Aer Lingus)
Dublin (Ryanair and Aer Lingus)
Shannon (Ryanair)


From Italy there is a very good offer of flights available from the following cities.
Bologna (Ryanair)
Milan (Ryanair and Easyjet Europe)
Milan/Bergamo (Ryanair)
Naples (Ryanair)
Pisa (Ryanair)
Rome (Ryanair and Vueling)
Treviso (Ryanair)
Turin (Ryanair)


Flights to Riga are available with Ryanair and Air Baltic


From Kaunas there are flights to Malaga available with Ryanair


From Luxembourg you can fly to Malaga with Luxair


Morocco this summer also has a strong presence at Malaga airport with the following connections
Casablanca (Air Arabia Morocco)
Fez (Ryanair and Air Arabia Maroc)
Marrakesh (Vueling and Ryanair)
Nador (Royal Air Maroc, Ryanair, Air Arabaia Maroc)
Rabat (Ryanair)
Tangier (Ryanair, Air Arabia Maroc and Royal Air Maroc)
Tetouan (Ryanair)


You can fly to Malaga from some of the main Dutch airports.
Amsterdam (Easyjet Europe, Corendon Dutch Airlines B.V., K.LM. Royal Dutch Airlines, Vueling, Transavia and Ryanair)
Eindhoven (Ryanair and Transavia)
Rotterdam (Transvia)


From Norway this summer you can escape to the Costa del Sol from
Bergen (Norwegian Air Shuttle)
Haugesund (Ryanair)
Oslo/Gardermoen (Jetair APS, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Scandinavian Airlines System)
Oslo/Sandefjord (Norwegian Air Shuttle and Ryanair)


Poland this summer is connected to Malaga with 3 airports
Krakow (Ryanair)
Warsaw (Wizz Air Hungary)
Warsaw/Modlin (Ryanair)


From Portugal there are flights to Malaga available from
Lisbon (TAP Portugal, Easyjet)
Porto (Ryanair)

United Kingdom

flights to Malaga
Waiting for takeoff Photo Spotting 2 Maletas

The United Kingdom is the strongest issuer of flights to the Costa del Sol this summer, with a total of 19 cities.
Belfast ( and Easyjet)
Birmingham (Ryanair, Tui Airways and
Bristol (Ryanair, Easyjet Europe, Easyjet and Tui Airways)
Cardiff (Tui Airways, Vueling and Ryanair)
Doncaster (Tui Airways and Wizz Air UK)
East Midlands (Ryanair, Tui Airways and
Edinburgh ( and Ryanair)
Exeter (Ryanair)
Glasgow (, Ryanair, Easyjet and Tui Airways)
Glasgow/Prestwick (Ryanair)
Leeds ( and Ryanair)
Liverpool (Easyjet and Ryanair)
London/Heathrow (British Airways)
London/Gatwick (Vueling, Easyjet, Ryanair, Wizz Air UK, Tui Airways and Easyjet Europe)
London (BA Cityflyer LTD)
London/Luton (Helvetic Airways AG, Easyjet, Wizz Air UK and Ryanair)
London/Stansted (Ryanair, Ryanair UK Limited,
Manchester (Easyjet, Tui Airways, Easyjet Europe, Ryanair UK Limited, Ryanair and
Newcastle (Ryanair and


From Bucharest there are flights available to Malaga with Blue Air Aviation and Wizz Air Hungary and from Cluj Napoca with Wizz Air Hungary


Our Nordic friends can fly into the sun this summer from
Stockholm/Vasteras-Hasslo (Ryanair)
Stockholm/Arlanda (Norwegian Air Shuttle Aoc As, Ryanair, Eurowings, Norwegian Air Sweden Aoc Ab and Scandinavian Airlines System)
Gothenburg (Scandinavian Airlines System, Norwegian Air Shuttle Aoc As and Ryanair)


From Switzerland there are 3 cities available
Basel (Easyjet Switzerland)
Geneva (Easyjet Switzerland, Swiss International Air Lines and Easyjet Europe)
Zurich (Swiss International Air Lines and Vueling)


Turkey offers with its hub in Istanbul the possibility of a bridge to the Middle East and Asia with Turkish Airlines