Fuengirola Fair from 6th to 12th of October

In Fuengirola will be held the Fair of Rosario from the 6th to 12 of October, in honor of the patron saint of Fuengirola, La Virgen del Rosario. The fair, which will take place at the fairgrounds, is a colourful and very popular celebration with a long tradition and one of the most prestigious ones in Spain.

Fuengirola Fair 2010

Do you know how to get to Fuengirola? It’s just 15 minutes away from the airport, so we recommend you to hire a car at Malaga airport. Although, if you are going to drink, its advisable to book Malaga airport transfers services in order to avoid drunk driving. Remember, if you drive at twice the current legal alcohol limit, you are at least 30 times more likely to cause a road crash than a driver who has not been drinking. In addition, a person who is found driving a motor vehicle under the influence of toxic drugs, psicotropic substances, narcotic substances or alcoholic beverages will be sentenced from 8 to 12 weekends arrest or a fine from three to eight months and, in all cases, a driving licence suspension from one to four years.

The horse has an outstanding importance during these festivities, where will take place a large number of activities. There will be a horse parade at the Fairgrounds and an exhibition of dressage horses in the Plaza de Toros and even bullfight.

On October 7th, the day of the Virgen del Rosario, takes place a mass in the Plaza of the Constitution with the presence of many parishioners and riders, who will do a procession to the fairgrounds afterwards.

Also the smallest visitors can celebrate as on Monday 11th is Children´s day at the fairgrounds with all the attractions at half price. Furthermore, there will be as well performances and shows for all ages and musical tastes.

To visit the city of Fuengirola and the Fairgrounds during these days is a very unique experience; everywhere can be seen an explosion of color and fun, andalusian song and dance, females dressed up in the typical Flamenco dress, while in the streets can be seen hundreds of horses and carriages. It is a great sight to contemplate the elegance and harmony of horses and riders.