Heat wave on its way to Malaga

sunAre you packing your suitcase for a trip to the Costa del Sol this week?
Then get ready! If you expect placid pre-summer temperatures typical for this time, we are sorry to disappoint you! For this week (May 6 to 12) starting tomorrow, is coming to Malaga a heat wave with temperatures between 27 and 32 degrees Celsius (80.6ºF to 89.6ºF). From next weekend is expected a descent to more typical temperatures for mid-May, of about 24 degrees Celsius.

If you arrive from more northern places, we understand you’re probably crazy for the sun, beach, short sleeve shirts and gentle sea breezes. But we recommend you to take it with due relax. When you exit the plane suddenly there will be probably a temperature difference of about 20 degrees more than in your home town a few hours ago. And a heat wave is a heat wave.

Therefore, the tips which are also given to local people accustomed to these phenomena that occur about 6 times over a normal summer also apply to you, our esteemed visitors, who have not yet adapted skin and body to much sun and heat.

ParasolAs a general rule, you should avoid direct sunlight in the central hours of the day and keep cool in the shade. It is important to replenish fluids, as the body sweats; and with liquid, we mean not only beer and soda, but water!
If you are not willing to renounce even a minute in the sun, then often apply proper sunscreen, wear a sunhat, sunglasses and even better bring a parasol to the beach. It is best to gradually accustom the skin to the sun instead of an overdose on the first day and look like a boiled crab, folks! Oh and by the way, all our cars have air conditioning. So nothing prevents you to stay cool and fully enjoy your visit to Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

6 Responses to Heat wave on its way to Malaga

  1. rosalind dawson says:

    Hi I am looking to book a car for June where do I get this promo code I keep reading about ?

  2. Megan Fyles says:

    Your website quotes that you guarantee the lowest price, but I have had a quote online this morning, through DoYouSpain (using Firefly) for nearly €100 less than your quote. Any comment?

    • Hello Megan!
      Thank you for your comment!
      First, we don´t know for which dates you have searched your car and what kind of car you are looking for; so this morning I did a search with random dates from June 1 to 8, 2013 for a Ford Focus 5-Door. Our current price of May 14 (varies based on availability) for these dates is € 86.

      But besides the price difference, there are more differences that may interest you:

      We are not brokers, we don´t gain at the expense of the client; you know perfectly with whom you’re dealing; we give great importance to customer service; we are transparent in our terms and conditions; we only charge half tank of fuel and we also have discount codes with which you even get a cheaper rent.

      Many good reasons to rent with Malagacar.com!

      Kind regards, Malagacar.com

  3. Kevin guy says:

    Hi we have had 3 cars off you this year already and looking to hire one for the 19th June till the 26th June how do you get a promotional code to book online please

    • Hi Kevin! Please use this voucher code: HELLOFAN

      You will get up to 10% discount on some groups (look for the red ‘PROMO’ tags).

      Best regards,

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