How to avoid car theft on your holiday on the Costa del Sol?

Generally, there are more car thieves particularly around those areas where there are many tourists: For example, in hotel car parks, nearby hotels, in beach parking lots, near tourist attractions or in any holiday resort.

They usually work fast and even in broad daylight, not only at night. Even if they don´t find anything valuable in the car, you feel very angry when you find they’ve broken the window to get in.

Therefore, do not leave anything in sight in your car. No jackets, no sweaters, no bags, no phones, no cameras…even small things that can be sold for a few Euros can be a good enough reason for them to break into your car. Leaving the glove compartment open and empty is quite a good idea to show burglars there’s nothing worth breaking in for.

If any clothing, valuables or luggage have to be left in the car, then it’s best to hide them in the trunk – of course, it’s not exactly a safe so even then, you still run the risk of getting robbed.

Regarding theft in rental vehicles, you should immediately get in touch with the rental company’s customer service helpline in order to clarify further action (In case of theft of passport or identity card you must always report to the police, otherwise there is no substitute document).

Some gangs are specialized in stealing entire cars, where luxury automobiles and high-powered SUV’s are particularly popular. It goes without saying that you should never leave the car with the keys in the ignition switch. Not even briefly to buy cigarettes, a newspaper or a beverage.

Car keys also get stolen from beach bags and golf bags, so always take the keys with you. You should be aware that the theft of a vehicle with the keys on is not considered theft but misappropriation, which is not covered by the insurance, being the lessee the only responsible. offer an additional insurance from 3 to 6 € / day depending on the car group, that covers these unpleasant and unexpected events, that can happen. This insurance also includes the wheels and outside mirrors.