Make the most out of your holiday with a cheap car hire in Malaga

The next holiday for British citizens is already coming up soon: School holidays of summer mid-term from Friday May 27 to Monday June 5.

We have good arguments for opting for a holiday on the Costa del Sol!

First, while in the rest of Europe spring is beginning timidly, in Malaga late May summer is starting gloriously and we can enjoy long days on the beach, warm nights and the typical feel of summer, but with one decisive advantage: The masses are not here yet!

Malaga and the Costa el Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in summer. Maybe the fact that the highest number of tourists is concentrated during the months of July and August in particular has to do with the fact that summer is associated with these months in their home countries.. but also with holiday periods of both schools and at work.

This concentration of vacation days for a vast majority of people has several disadvantages: high season prices and overcrowded beaches along all the municipalities of the Costa del Sol, traffic jams included..

Whoever can get a little bit out of the routine and take a getaway vacation now, will not repent: Prices for car rentals during the month of May are about 90 € / week; and also prices for both flights and hotels are pre-season. But you will not only have a much cheaper holiday.

We can assure you that you will also enjoy summer beaches with plenty of space where to put your towel, which can become a problem in summer, believe me… no queues nowhere, you breathe the relaxing atmosphere of the Costa del Sol which during the summer months is pretty well flooded with tourists; enjoy walks along the sea, promenades, street markets, cafes and squares, without getting lost in a tide of vacationers; hear the soft murmur of the sea at night or explore the beautiful interior flowering in spring with one of our cars.