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winnersDear Facebook friends!
Throughout this summer we have not forgotten our little prize, and here we are back with the discount code for our most active fan.

But with a small modification: We have multiplied it by 10!

There are many of you who have been present with us these past few months and we could not reward only one; so without further delay here are the names of the winners of the 20 Euros discount code.

Janice Martin
Peter Valentine
Annette Barry
Brenda Newsam
Lisa Moriarty
Roger Brunvoll
Kirsten Winther
Mary Kernaghan
Pete Cleverley
Robert Richardson

Congratulations, you will receive your code via email!

40 Responses to Are you one of our prizewinning fans?

  1. Erik says:

    What about us who don’t want to splash our lives out on Facebook? When can we have the chance to win something?

  2. Trevor says:

    Just returned from Spain after using your cars for the third time,I would like to complement you on your stess free and friendly service.Looking forward to seeing you on 3rd Jan.I would like to make one comment I don’t like taking car back with empty fuel tank,I preferred the old system of getting car full and returning full.

  3. Aleksei Lazhiv says:

    I will not advertise. I myself use the services of rental cars Malagaсar 3 years. And not going to change.

  4. Lercangée Thieffry Nicole says:

    C’est la 3e fois que j’utilise MC avec pleine et entière satisfaction, Les véhicules sont impeccables, propres et en bon état et le service aimable MAIS je regrette que lors de l’attente il n’y ait pas de siège disponible dans le bureau.Peut-être que lors de mon prochain voyage en mai 2014, j’aurai la surprise de pouvoir attendre mon tour ASSISE.

  5. Patrick Douglas says:

    Have been dealing with Malagacar for a few years now and they have yet to be equalled in price and service anywhere!!!!! (And I am not a Prizewinner!!!) Maybe next time. lol

  6. Richard Hunt says:

    I am in my tenth year at Malagacar usually two or three times a year, stopped using any other since the petrol scam was introduced, you know the one full tank bring back empty, when you are only perhaps doing a couple of hundred k’s on a holiday,who wants to drive around all week, not me, with modern cars and particularly diesel ones, it is almost impossible to use a full tank, or even half. Malagacar prices are also very fair and the hire is without hassle

    • Hi Richard, we really appreciate your comments and suggestions. We think that the half-empty policy is one of our main advantages, and will remain like this for much longer…

      Best regards,

  7. Jean Chaudoir says:

    I’ m regular client since 3 years and i never had problem with Malagacar.
    Tanks for the smile and the service.

    A bientôt

  8. Steven Winetrobe says:

    I use a big name first time i went to Malaga a long time back .. was not impressed then the next year tried MC and was very impressed … not used anyone else since then and even got friends to use them too .. ( they had a small bump 1st time out but the situation was handled effortlessly ) Excellent service excellent cars cant fault it .
    Booked again for April214 ( 8th year in a row )
    See ya in april guys !!!!

  9. linda barker says:

    always travel in Spain using MALAGA CARS ! THEY ARE THE BEST because they do not RIP you off when you pay for the petrol.
    We thats my husband and I WILL ALWAYS use them.

  10. Gustav Mosendz says:

    It was the third time we rented your car. Everything was OK. The car was new with some 7.000 km. We liked it very much. Also the pick up of the car and drop of went smooth, without any delay. Next time, when we come to Malaga, we rent again your car. Gustav

  11. Mark says:

    Have been impressed with Malagacar for the last 3 years or more – with current vehicles being so thrifty it is so useful to have just half a tank of fuel to keep costs down. Service is excellent, don’t let the off site element put you off, there are regular shuttles and it’s just down the ramp to the office. On return no need to empty the car at the office, we are taken straight to departures so it is very convenient. Keep up the great service!

  12. David Spalding says:

    We’ve been hiring cars on our visits to Andalucia for about 20 years now. We started using Malagacar about three years ago, at least twice a year, and now would not consider using any other car hire company. Service is very reliable, of a high standard and, in comparison to their competitors, good value. We’ll be back next year.

  13. Paul Newlove says:

    I used to use Holiday Autos and I have used Helle Hollis previously when holidaying in the Malaga area but I find that Malaga cars are far better.The quality of car provided ,the fact that they are easy to deal with and charge a fair price as well as the way in which they look after loyal customers will ensure I return as a customer.See you on 1st December.Thanks.Paul Newlove.

  14. Sean says:


    We have hired a car from from you twice this year. Your service is fantastic. We will certainly be our first port of call in the future.


  15. Anthony Higgins says:

    Thanks for looking after us in June this year, will see you same month 2014,
    Kind regards Anthony Higgins.

  16. alain Roffe says:

    i hope to try very soon your sevices

  17. John Hawkings says:

    Malagacar the best car hire company in the Costa’s

  18. anne llewellyn says:

    I had almost forgotten about the car hire for our recent holiday in spain. I went with them as they sounded good. The car I hired was a SEAT Altea XL, which was awful, it had no go in it and had to change gear all the time to get up any incline and to pull away. We paid a lot extra for it and would have rather had a cheaper car range. It was also full of dents etc, and was certainly not new, also paid that high insurance for the extra cover, I would not hire from them again!

  19. john suttle says:

    sounds good as I always MC when I travel to Spain.

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