Spring is just around the corner and Malagacar.com renews its fleet

Chances are you’re reading this new post from a location well further north than ours and the statement “spring is just around the corner” may seem like a joke, taking into account your local temperatures.

Almond trees flowering in Guadalhorce valley
Almond trees flowering in Guadalhorce valley – Malaga

But… if you slightly shift your viewpoint from an unpleasant winter´s day in northern Europe to Malaga on the Costa del Sol, you will find that Spring as already arrived here…well, we have to make some clarifications: Your kind of spring has already arrived. For us here living on the Costa del Sol, February is the coldest Winter month with average temperatures of 13 to 17ºC (55.4 to 62.6º F). A great time to go for walks in the countryside and by the sea as normally the sun is shining from a bright blue sky, but not yet the moment to leave behind socks and jacket and enjoy a soft breeze on the skin…

Nevertheless, it is only a matter of time and it won´t be too long… everywhere is sprouting fresh green grass and the countdown has already started.

You need a winter break?

This year, Easter takes place at early dates, when in many Nordic countries still reigns the winter, so why not wave goodbye to winter and look at the sunny side taking the first break of the year on the Costa del Sol?

Like every year, Malagacar.com is renewing its fleet and there are new groups at your disposal that might interest you:

XA: Clients booking the XA group will drive a Seat Arona or similar. This sporty crossover has four-wheel drive and offers great performance in both city and highway driving. The interior is spacious and comfortable; moreover it has 5 doors and 5 seats, making it the perfect choice for the average family.

PU: Given the characteristics of these models, they are very suitable for families and groups of friends. The vehicle in this group is the Mercedes Vito. Their main advantage is that they can accommodate 9 passengers (including the driver). This group is also very suitable for groups of golfers, as its high load capacity allows transporting the equipment of several players.

XC: This group consists of three crossover models: Nissan Qashqai, Peugeot 3008 and Volkswagen T-Roc. The driver’s seat height makes it much easier to control your surroundings; therefore, they are very efficient and safe in the city. In addition, the sporty finish of these four wheel drive cars also provides stability and adequate power for long road trips.

LC: Malagacar.com also takes into account the most demanding customers. Proof of this are the models offered in the group LC: Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Audi Q2. These vehicles offer an optimum driving experience, are powerful and well balanced; we also have 5-door models, thus they are also comfortable in case of traveling with passengers.

Have you found a car that appeals to you? Get a free quote, book early and enjoy unbeatable prices!