The general strike on Nov 14 cancels half of the scheduled flights

Major airlines operating in Spain have already announced they will cancel half of their scheduled flights due to the general strike on Wednesday November 14.

The general strike will have quite an impact on the Spanish airports, mainly in Madrid-Barajas. More than half of scheduled flights by Iberia, EasyJet, Air Europa, Air Nostrum and Vueling are cancelled. Meanwhile, Renfe guarantees the circulation of 31 AVE high speed trains during the general strike.

The airline Iberia cancelled a total of 171 flights because of the strike, the company said in a statement, which states that the list does not include cancellations of other group companies, Express and Air Nostrum. Air Nostrum cancelled a total of 150 flights.
EasyJet announced cancellations in 26 of its flights scheduled for Wednesday November 14, and the rescheduling of another ten of its operations. Air Europa cancelled a total of 92 flights as the airline said. Vueling cancelled 162 scheduled flights. 

Regarding the high-speed train is ensured the circulation of 20% of the AVE. Minimum railway circulation also includes 30% of the usual commuter train service.

If you plan to travel tomorrow, November 14th to / from Spain using airports or public transport, we advise to contact your airline for further information regarding your flight.

If you use public transport to get to Malaga airport, please check the special timetable of the commuter train Malaga-Fuengirola for this day and make sure you leave with plenty of time. If you prefer not to take any chances, book a transfer at Malaga airport.