Traffic offences that deduct points

On 21 March 2022 the new traffic law reform in Spain comes into force with also new traffic offences.

This reform brings many new features, which basically can be summarised in that certain behaviours are now sanctioned much more severely.

We show you all the changes, attention!

Driving licence points system

How many points do I have?

When we pass the driving test, we are given an initial balance of 8 points. If in the following 3 years we do not commit any offence that subtracts points, 4 more points are added. After another 3 years without offences, 2 more points are added. And another 3 years later with no offences, a final point is awarded. In other words, if we drive decently, we can “acquire” a total of up to 15 points on our licence.

What if I have no points left?

Well, frankly, maybe you can do a bit better at driving your vehicle in a more prudent and civilised manner?

If you have no points left, you must wait 2 years according to the new law before you can recover the initial balance. What’s more, these 2 years must pass without you being penalised for a new offence.

By the way, driving without points is punishable by a prison sentence of 3 to 6 months or a fine of 12 to 24 months.

Traffic offences that deduct points

Do you know which offences deduct points from your driving licence?

Here is the complete list. The penalties for driving with a mobile phone in your hand, not respecting cyclists and pedestrians, throwing cigarettes and objects out of the window or not using restraint systems, among the most important, have increased considerably.

Infraction Points Penalty
Driving with an alcohol level of more than 0.50 mg/l breathed air 6 1.000 € (**)
Driving with a breath
alcohol level above 0.30 mg/l if you are a professional or a driver with a licence for less than 2 years
4 1.000 € (**)
Driving with a blood
alcohol level between 0.25 and 0.50 mg/l
4 500 € (**)
Between 0,15 and 30 mg/l, for professional drivers and drivers with a licence for less than 2 years 4 500 € (**)
Driving with drugs in your system 6 1.000 € (**)
Refusing to take alcohol or drug tests 6 1.000 € (**)
Driving in a reckless manner, driving in the wrong direction, or taking part in unauthorised races or competitions 6 500 € (**)
Driving vehicles fitted with radar jammers, speed cameras or any other similar device 6 6.000 €
For professional drivers, exceeding the driving time by more than 50% or reducing the rest period by more than 50% 6 500 €
Tampering with or assisting in the tampering of tachographs or speed limiters 6 500 €
Holding a mobile phone in your hand while driving 6 (3) 200 €
Throwing objects on the road that could cause fires and accidents 6 (4) 500 €
Failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to yield at a yield sign or running a red light 4 200 €
Dangerous or improper overtaking 4 200 €
Overtaking cyclists without respecting the minimum separation of 1.5 metres, or hindering their progress 6 (4) 200 €
Failure to respect the signs and indications of law enforcement officers or variable message signs 4 200 €
Failure to maintain safety distance 4 200 €
Failure to use or improper use of seat belts, helmets or child restraints 4 (3) 200 €
Driving without a proper driving licence or permit 4
Driving with an expired or suspended licence or being banned from using the vehicle you drive 4 500 €
Reversing on motorways and dual carriageways 4 200 €
Making an illegal U-turn 3 200 €
Driving while wearing a helmet or headset, carrying a mobile phone between the helmet and the head, manually manipulating the navigator or using a mobile phone (other than hands-free) 3 200 €
vehicles fitted with radar or speed camera jammers or speed cameras 3 200 €

(*) These financial penalties are generic and may be revised upwards in certain cases, such as repeat offenders.
(**) These offences may also be considered a criminal offence.
Source: Law 18/2021, of 20 December on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety. BOE 21 December 2021

In red, new offences. In brackets, points deducted until now.

Speed cameras in Malaga

And while we’re on the topic, you might want to take a look where all the speed cameras in Malaga are located.

I have a traffic fine with my MalagaCar, now what?

A MalagaCar in Tarifa, courtesy of our customer as the owner of the car receives a notification from the DGT (Spanish Traffic Department) about the fine.

Our administration proceeds to notify the driver with an informative e-mail about the charge and a summary of the fine.

The client must then wait to receive the original notification from the DGT in their name at their usual address and pay the fine within the period indicated there.

We tell you all about it here.

What happens if I don’t pay the fine?

It’s not a good idea just to ignore the fine as your bank account could be debited.

Do I get points deducted as a foreign tourist?

At the moment there is no unified European system for deducting points from a foreign driver’s licence.

This means that if you are, for example, a British national residing in the UK, it will not affect the points on your licence. But you won’t get rid of the fine.