TRENDS: Summertime, it is Cabrio time!

The arrival of good weather sweeping the peninsula these days also entails certain changes in the preferences of drivers, and only so far in April, the demand for convertible cars starts increasing.

The pleasant rise in temperatures and the proximity of the holiday inspires many to fulfill their dream of driving a Convertible, a symbol of freedom, youth and status, leaving aside drawbacks such as high consumption and low practicality, especially for families.

The Spanish provinces where these cars arouse greater interest are precisely those on the coast, especially on Costa del Sol.

Among the preferred convertible brands stand out the German houses Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The first, with its Boxster sports car, heads the list of convertibles, followed by BMW with their Z4 and the model of Mercedes-Benz SLK.

The ranking of the ten most wanted cars is complete with four models from BMW (Z3, 320, M3 and 330), two from Volkswagen (Golf and Eos) and a Mercedes-Benz convertible, the SL-500.

If anything characterizes the convertibles, is its ability to convey personality and attitude to the driver with a single glance; hence the choice of an appropriate color to the tastes of each is almost as important as the brand or model to which it belongs.

Thus the most popular choice is the classic black, followed closely by the energetic blue and summery white. Other attractive options are silver tones and a stylish gray and passionate red tones.

Summer time is Cabrio time. Who during the warm days doesn´t want to miss the benefits of driving without a rooftop, but does not own a Convertible himself, can hire a Cabrio in Malaga and enjoy the pleasure of driving in the mild mediterranean climate.

At are available Mini One Cabrio, Mini Cooper Cabrio, Mercedes CLK Cabrio, BMW 3 Series Cabrio, Volvo C70 Cabrio. Check our car rental price list.

You should also remember that convertibles are very popular during sunny weekends; to ensure that your trip “topless” can take place, you should reserve time in advance. Please also note the minimum age for rental of luxury cars.