Typical Summer fines driving in Spain – Myths and Facts

Over the past few weeks have been circulating posts on social media regarding supposed typical Summer fines in Spain. Which ones are true and which ones are myth? We check them out for you one by one.

Several Facebook posts claim to list some of the most popular fines which drivers face during summer in Spain, so we decided to find out which ones are actually correct as we were not sure ourselves!

In hot weather everybody likes to get rid of their clothes

Driving in Flip-flops. 80 € fine

Although it can be extremely dangerous to drive in footwear like flip flops, there is no law which is specific to the type of footwear worn. However, in the event of a traffic offence or accident which could be related to the footwear, then it would be taken into account.

Driving barefoot or without a shirt. 80 € fine

Barefoot – TRUE
The pedals of the vehicle cannot be used properly barefoot.

Without a shirt – DEPENDSYou can drive around without shirt or in Bikini, however if you have an accident, the seatbelt could burn your skin to the point of leaving a scar permanently.

Articles 17 and 18 of the highway code are somewhat ambiguous and are the basis for sanctions. In reality, they do not say explicitly that it is forbidden to drive in a bikini, but they do say that clothing must guarantee freedom of movement, not interfere with our field of vision and, in short, be safe to drive and allow us to control the vehicle in all situations.

Very likely some will not be able to control their vehicle due to this vision!

Drinking water whilst driving. 100€ fine

When somebody has been fined for this then because they were caught driving and trying to open the bottle whilst driving, or driving with the bottle in one hand which is strictly forbidden. Remember that you need both hands to hold the steering wheel and use the indicators. No police will fine you for taking a sip for a few seconds.

Putting your hand, elbow or arm out of the window. 80€ fine

This fine is applied for those drivers who have their arms out of the window for several minutes of driving in that position, not for doing it a few seconds.

Driving with a hat / cap that covers the ears. 80€ fine

Someone played a joke mentioning this fine which doesn´t exist.

Eating ice cream whilst driving. 100 € fine

Traffic Law states that you need both hands to drive so the difference with the water is that you need to occupy your hands during a long period of time.

Driving with objects on the rear tray without being them secured. 200€ fine

You must secure the load inside your car. In the case of a collision, or even a harsh breaking, lose objects become projectiles and can be lethal.

Washing your vehicle on public road 30 – 3000 € fine.

When cleaning your vehicle with water and soap, the street might become slippery for bikers, riders or elderly people or when a vehicle has to break suddenly.

Passenger with feet on the dashboard 100€

Only thing is that its 80€ not 100€ and it is the driver who will pay this fine. In the case of an accident, the passenger has a significantly increased risk of suffering fatal injuries if they have their feet on the dashboard.

Throwing a cigarette out of the window. 200€ fine & 4 points

This fine could be much higher if your action causes a fire. In this case you will be prosecuted, paying all the costs of the extinction, even going to jail if the costs are high or if anyone is injured or killed.

Not carrying your driving license. 10€ fine

The 10 € fine is applied if you hold a license but don’t carry it with you.

Carrying 6 or 7 people in the car. 80€ fine

Would you like to give a lift to your 7 friends from the beach to the Hotel? Don´t do it. The fine will be 200€ or 80€, depending on the excess of occupants. The vehicle will be immobilised until another vehicle or taxi can take the rest of the passengers. The fine is for the driver.

And last not least, as a reminder, driving using a mobile phone carries a fine of 200€ and 3 points.

Remember, trust only information from official sources,. If you have any doubts about Summer fines in Malaga, talk to Guardia Civil officers.

Source: Francisco Morales, Guardia Civil Officer for n332.es